Straight outta Ghent/Belgium Kambo Don aka Raggamuffin Whiteman, owner of the RAFFNECK RECORDS LABEL, with a 100% Kambo Don 2012 productions mix.

1.Kambo Don Border feat. JamalskI (dubplate special)
2.Ganjaman feat. Deadly Hunta (dubplate special)
3.The Jackson 5 – ABC [RMX]
4.Bare With Me feat. Maikal X (dubplate special)
5.Ganja Gun feat. Irieginal Abraham (dubplate special)
6.Collie Budz – Come Around [remix]
7.Babylon Must Fall feat. Ucee (dubplate special)
8.Wicked & Wild feat. CaSh Flow (dubplate special)
9.Gangster Anthem (out now on Hum Fi Drum recordings)
10.Juice & Ginning It (unreleased)
11.Mano Negra – King Of Bongo [remix]
12.My DJ feat. Missy M & Major Pirate (dubplate special)
13.Pinchers – Yellow Belly Vaquero [remix]
14.Shut Off (VIP remix) feat. Prince Zimboo (dubplate special)
15.Dub Phizix, Skeptical & Strategy – Marka [remix]
16.Chicquetita (Limited Edition 7″ forthcoming on Raffneck Records)
17.100 Stab (unreleased)
18.Real Revolutionary feat. Deadly Hunta (dubplate special)
19.Original Uman – L’Habit Ne Fait Pas Le Moine 2.0 [remix]
20.Tiwony – Bun It [remix]
21.Cécile – Step Aside [remixed with Lord Lyta]
22.Yu Raas Yu (2012 remix) feat. Robert Lee (dubplate special)
23.Blackout JA & General Levy – International Vibes [remix]
24.General Levy – Heat [remix]
25.Caribbean Girls RMX (out now on Hum Fi Drum recordings)
26.We Don’t Give A Cumbia feat. Kalibwoy (unreleased)
27.Major Lazer – Original Kambo Don [remix]
28.Burro Banton – Step Up Inna Face [remixed with Lord Lyta]
29.Halve Neuro, Belgian Asociality & SquarElectric – 100dB [VIP]
30.Kalibwoy – Free Up [remix]
31.Killa Soka (Limited Edition 7″ forthcoming on Raffneck Records)
32.Papa San – Predominant [remixed with F*szosbéka] (Out on Raffneck Digital)
33.The Partysquad – Lighterman [remix]

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