In this third episode of the exclusive guest mix series in 2018 producer and DJ Moz representin the jungle scene from moscow/russia. Moz is residenting on monthly CWH sessions in moscow and in Junglecast number 26 he selected quality nuskool jungle with heavy raggacore breakbeats with forthcoming releases on Global Warning Records (GWR) and a lot of dubplates!

In this Junglecast we can listen to 24 exclusive jungle tracks by Riffz, Sariuo, Neekeetone, HoT, Jah Condah, Rez, Jahnglist Bwoy, Moz himself and many more.

01 Riffz – How To Kill A Sound Tutorial (Dubplate)
02 SARIUO – Think Ur Badda Than Me (Dubplate)
03 Seed Selectah – Ganja Smokin (Dubplate)
04 Algorithmic – Nuh Eulogy (Dubplate)
05 NEEKEETONE – Original Don Dada (GWRDIGI003)
06 Rez – Tek It EZ Bitch (Dubplate)
07 SARIUO – Hunt n Seek (Dubplate)
08 Moz – Incoming Clash Tune (GWRDIGI003)
09 Smiley Maxx – Strickly 4 Da Weather (Dubplate)
10 Jahnglist Bwoy – Destroy a Sound (Dubplate)
11 NEEKEETONE – Linkz (Dubplate)
12 S.Kid – Original Ninja (Dubplate)
13 Jahnglist Bwoy – Tr1ck (Dubplate)
14 HoT – One More Bomboclaat Tune (Dubplate)
15 SARIUO – Kill Ya Now (Dubplate)
16 Rez – Brassmon Style (Dubplate)
17 Fed. – Bass Pie (Dubplate)
18 Smiley Maxx – Aztek Passage (Dubplate)
19 Angryboris ft. S.Kid – Sesame Breaks (Dubplate)
20 Moz – Relikt (GWR Forthcoming)
21 Moz – Epic (GWR Forthcoming)
22 Jah Condah – Ghost In The Shell (GWR Forthcoming)
23 Moz – Badman War (Tuffshot Audio Forthcoming)
24 Maxee Gee – Kataryashot (GWR Forthcoming)


A Junglecast podcast contains min. 60 minutes of finest jungle tunes by jungle producers from all over the world.

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