This is Junglecast number eleven with 19 jungle tunes and remixes.

“C&C Sound Presents something very near to my heart; my originals. My style comes from the dirty south, NC USA. I recently held a residency with a reggae/rock band; doing dj duties for live music shows… It’s been over 15 years in the game now- cutting originals as Clip & Carbine and doing the DJing thing. Looking back, I remember all the fun I had rinsing’ jungle music for an array of different audiences, bringing the sound of the Amen Break to people who had never heard the style before. Amen mashups, ragga jungle toasting and dj juggling’ etc. Droppin’ it for a massive is such a buzz, seein’ how the audience responds to Clip & Carbine originals and all that, it’s the best part of giggin’ out live, y’know? Anyhow, I hope you enjoy my contribution to the Junglecast Podcast series. Shouts goin out to all the crew dem. Large Up!”
~ Johnny O


Little Drummer Boy RMX
Newport Gun Lick RMX
Ill Rotten Intelligence RMX
High Crime
DJ Jugglin
Sodomite Killer
Badman Dance RMX
Ke$ha RMX
Out Da Box
People Dead
Rinse Music
G.C.T. Jungle RMX
Original Armsman
Droppin It (Hot Shit)
I Fuck Pussy
Murder in the Gutter


A Junglecast podcast contains min. 60 minutes of finest jungle tunes by jungle producers from all over the world.

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  1. I recently checked out Junglecast 11, and the tracklist was really great. It had a bit of something for everyone, which I really appreciate in a podcast. There were some classic jungle and drum & bass tunes, as well as some newer tracks that I hadn’t heard before. I particularly enjoyed the uptempo tracks that came later in the mix – they had a great energy to them. I also liked the tunes from some of the lesser-known producers, as it was cool to hear something fresh and different. Overall, I thought the tracklist was really well put together, and I’m looking forward to hearing the next installment in the series.

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