Forward ever, backward never. New year, new jungle podcast series. We are startin a new monthly podcast called “Junglecast” with Andrey HoT from Russia as the first selecta and winner of the Top Mixes 2015 voting. Thank you for participating.
A Junglecast podcast contains min. 60 minutes of finest jungle tunes by jungle producers from all over the world. International Amens.


Here is the first Junglecast by Andrey HoT:

Junglecast 01 / 2016 – Andrey HoT by raggajungle on

Msymiakos – Original Sound
Jamin Nimjah – Take It Easy
Simply Dread – Nice N Easy
16AJ – Coppershot
DJ L.A.B.- Rappa Pam Pam
Stormski – Things Change
FeyDer & Bman – Soul For Jungle
Tony Jungle – Soundtest (Summer Kush Special)
Andrey HoT – Hot Like a Thousand Firesides
Simply Dread – Crazy
Riffz – Surfin
Pastaman – 2 Bad Sound
Simply Dread – Shot Nah Fire
Babyshaker – Earthbound


Free direct download here.


  1. Track 4 (Coppershot) is actually 16AJ not Setwon. FYI….BIG UP ANDREY HOT, another killer mix!!

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