Jam Vibez can be considered as a digital geeks, or raggamuffin lovers. However it is impossible to pigeonhole them in any way as everyone knows who has had the opportunity to see this sound live listened to their releases recently. It’s a bit like being in the jungle, which in itself is just a forest. Supposed to be, like, you know, but whether you see thousands of species of plants and animals, is another pair of story.

For the upcoming release, the jungle comes finally to the voice – literally, because the Jungle Remixes EP time has finally come. The dirty version of “Robotic Reggae” by Daddy Bozo and remixed by DJ STP is a good aperitif. Stevens KBosh took Daddy Ranks “Old Veteran”, which in the new version and pace took a completely different color and taste. Right after two excellent dubplates from Carl Meeks (brilliant remix of Mainframe’s) and John Wayne (this time an original remix from Jam Vibez, produced by Pitch Doktor) that will be played by all who are familiar with electronic music.

Its violent, lush, bassy, colorful and varied. As befits the jungle. Very intriguing item that sheds new light on the Lodz Town’s digital subversives.

1. Daddy Bozo – Robotic Reggae (DJ STP Remix)
2. Daddy Ranks – Old Veteran (Stevens Kbosh Remix)
3. Carl Meeks – Weh Dem Fah (Mainframe Remix)
4. John Wayne – Good Good Killa (Jam Vibez Remix)

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