Official list of jungle music producer, crews and artists – listed in alphabetical order with contact info, links and profil info.

16 AJ aka Sixteenarmedjack

Illegal Sound Crew
Toronto | Canada

styles: Ragga Jungle / Idm
outtah: Brighton, Ontario, Canada
started: 1999
birthday: feb 16 1979


Zoetermeer | Netherlands

2Times has a long catalogue of top-notch DNB and Jungle productions. Catch him at shows performing live dub-influenced Jungle sets.

4 Corners Crew

Konstanz | Germany

4Corners-Crew are: Zinne and selecta Sia-Fu coming from different musical backgrounds with a long time love for reggae, drum&bass and jungle.
Labels: JungleX, HumFiDrum, HumFiDub

Aaron Spectre

Boston | USA > Geneva | Switzerland

Aaron got into electronic music while living in New York City, making Ambient, Drum & Bass, and Jungle music at local venues. Eventually he moved to Berlin and started playing shows all over Europe, coming up from squats to clubs to giant festivals, building a devoted following in the process. He released a host of records to critical acclaim, and has since toured the world several times over.

Ajax Beats

NYCRavers / Konkrete Jungle

styles: Intelligent / Ambient Jungle
started: 2009
birthday: 11/23/82

Amen Tal

Norwich | UK

Andrey HoT

Illegal Jungle Crew
Tula | Russia

Andrey HoT is a russian ragga jungle producer. He started to compose his first tracks in 1997, by 2000 basic mass of his compositions were jungle tracks. In addition, many American, Canadian, Germanian, Russian and Ukrainian jungle djs include his tracks into their mixes. Today he has a lot of international releases.


Born On Road / Chopstick Dubplate / Lionfire
Birmingham | UK

style: jungle / Dubwize / Ragga
started: 1991
birthday: 07/04/1977

Armitage Shankz

Derby | UK

style: Raggajungle/ dubwise
started djing: 1993
birthday: 8th july 1979


Minneapolis | USA

The Artbreaker was active in the ragga jungle + breakcore scene in the first 10 or so years of the 2000s. Operating around the midwestern USA. Largely quiet since 2009, still tinkering with music – jungle/core and beyond.


San Francisco | USA

AUDIO1 is an established DJ and producer from the San Francisco Bay Area. Whether its nationwide syndicated mix shows, Curating exclusive content for Direct Music Service or club/festival DJ appearances, This man is everywhere.

Axel Madden

Denver | USA

style: Raggajungle
started: 1997
birth: August 27, 1979


SUB:CULT / Dub Club
Huddersfield | UK

style: Ragga Jungle / Dubwise DnB / Dub / 140 Jungle Breaks
started: 2008
birthday: 2 September 1988

Babylon Demolitionist

Seattle | USA

Style: Ragga Jungle, Dubwise, Old School Jungle
Started: 2004
Birthday: February 8th 1977
Labels: Natty Rise, Ruffah Ras, Mos hi, Zions Gate, Bad Dog Jungle, DJ4Norml, Mashed Youths, Bludclot


Mars Exist Crew
Marseille | France

style: Jungle, Dubwise, JumpUp
birthday: 24 january
started: 1997


Jungle Lion Sound/Ulan Bator
Leipzig | Germany

Started: 1995
Styles: OldSkool, Jungle, Ragga Jungle, DNB, Hip Hop, Dub, Reggae

Bass Nacho

Survival NYC
Miami | USA

Style: MC/Vocalist @ Jungle, D&B, Hiphop, Reggae

Bay B Kane

London | UK

style: jungle, drum and bass
started: 1989
One of the original producers who helped shape the sound known worldwide as Jungle which later gave birth to Drum & Bass on thousands of labels.


Monkey Business
Hasselt | Belgium

style: DubwiseDnb, Jungle, RaggaJungle
starting djing: 2005
birthday: 1987


London | UK

style: reggae, jungle, dnb
started: 1989
UK based DJ, Producer, Promoter and Radio Manager / Presenter

Bong Selecta

Zoetermeer | Netherlands

Jungle producer, remixer, selecta and DJ since years!

Brian Brainstorm

Liondub Intl.
Cologne | Germany

labels: Liondub International, Technique Recordings, Mix&Blen, 3Flow, Fine Beats Audio, Digital Roots UK
style: Jungle, Jump Up, Drum & Bass
started: 2009

Capital J

Toronto | Canada

International Electronic Dj, performer and producer from Canada with over 24 yrs in the music industry and is founder/CEO of VIP Dubz Recordings & CAPS Music inc.


Deep in the Jungle
Birmingham | UK

Style: Jungle
Started: 1993


Etown Junglists
Western Canada

Etown Junglists aka DJ Celsius started in ’93 in Western Canada & play mostly raves, large parties, festivals (Shambala) and is our favourite DJ/Entertainer on Twitch.

Codec 7

Cologne | Germany

style: Dubwise, Jungle, Drum & Bass, Afrobeat, Trap
birthday: 25/07/1977
started: 2001

Congo Natty

aka Rebel MC
London | UK

Jungle-MC Legend
Watch the Jungle Lion roar in this time, and make sure you keep up to date on the latest manifestations of the Junglist movement.

Conrad Subs

Ipswich | UK

Nominated Best Breakthrough Producer – We Love Jungle Awards 2019

Criminal Sound

Buffalo | USA

KillSound aka Criminal Sound has been a Buffalo, NY Staple in the Drum N Bass scene for 20 years running.


Athens | Greece

style: Raggajungle, Breakcore, Dubstep
started: 2004


Ruff E Nuff / Jungle Lion Sound
Chemnitz | Germany

Co-Founder of
Style: Jungle, Raggajungle, D&B, Dub, 140, all kinds of BreakBeat
Start: 1996
Birth: 1979

Daft ‘n’ Daze

Nuremberg | Germany

members: Mr. Erb, Dr. Gunjah
style: Ragga Jungle/Dnb, House
starting djing: 1997


Swindon | UK

style: ragga jungle, old school jungle
crews: psychoradio/konflict radio/creepy cuts/Jungle Knights
started: 2000


Rotterdam | The Netherlands

style of music: Jungle, Breakcore
started djing/producing: 1992

Direct Feed

Long Beach | USA

style: ruff and tough amen cut up / smooth dub style
dj-crews: Ghetto Life / Herbin’ / Humdruma / DubChamber / Warlord Dupblate / Jungle Riddem / Owned Clothing / GoneJahMen / Ragga-Tek / Relentless Audio / x13
started: 1996
birthday: aug 1978

Dirty Skank Beats

Porto | Portugal

Dirty Skank Beats is a Producer making the fusion of Dancehall and Reggae with Drum & Bass, Jungle and Electronic Music.
starting djing: 2000
birthday: 06/09/1983


London | UK

His discography includes more than 50 records on labels like XL Recordings, Ninja Tune, and Soul Jazz. He’s shared production credits with the likes of Diplo, Quincy Jones, M.I.A., and Gregory Isaacs.


Ottawa | Canada

Newschool Jungle DJ & Producer
in the jungle / drum & bass scene since 1999 starting in Canada and North America and has been touring Europe since 2008. DJ K became famous from releases in the early millenium on N2O and Big Cat Records and later on other labels, as well as over 100 unreleased tracks played only at live shows. KILLA RECORDS is DJ K’s record label featuring his own style of Jungle, aggressive basslines, quick cuts, sudden drops and centered amen anthems with and without ragga vocals.


Brain Crew
London | UK

style: Ragga Jungle Amen my Brother
started djing/producing: 1986
birthday: 1973

Don Goliath

Division Recordings
Berlin | Germany

styles: Chiptune, Dancehall, Digikal, Dubstep, HipHop, Jungle, Minimal, Rootsstep, Steppers, UK Roots
starting djing: 2001


Satta Sounds
Midlands | UK

Label: Jungle Cat, Satta Sounds
Style: Jungle/Ragga-Jungle/Clash/Hip Hop
Started: 2002

Dub-Liner brings the fire with high energy mixing, heavy jungle selection and dubplates galore.


Ua Jungle Lions Crew
Kiev | Ukraine

style: Raggajungle / Dubwize
birthday: Dec 07 12.1992
started: 2007

El Richee

Winnipeg | Canada

style: Ragga-jungle / Reggae / Dancehall
started: 2009
birthday: april 11, 1991


Manchester | UK

labels: Sub-Woofah Records, In Da Jungle, Jungle Xpeditions, Born on Road
style: Ragga & Oldskool Jungle
started djing: 2004
birthday: 28/09/89


Oxford | UK

Styles: Jungle/Drum & Bass
Started: 2009


Wasted Jungle Youth
Hannover | Germany

style: jungle, raggajungle, dubwize, dubstep
started: 2009
birthday: 11.01.1993
labels: Kings Connect Recordings, Afrobass Records, HiHeadz, Big Buddha Beats, Deep In The Jungle


Gone JahMen Crew
Nizhny Novgorod | Russia

style: Dancehall, Drum & Bass, Jungle, Reggae
started: 2006
birthday: 29th july 1988


Rotterdam | Netherlands

Genre: Jungle, Breakcore, Hardcore, Rave
style: Jungle
started: 1991
labels: Planet Mu, Kool.Pop, Murder Channel, Prspct RVLT, Hong Kong Violence, Mindbender, Sprengstoff, Clash


Serial Killaz
Athens | Greece

FLeCK is an electronic music producer and Dj, signed to Serial Killaz Recordings, member of Kings Hi Fi soundsystem and the Bristol collective Boom Sound.
Style: Jungle / Dubwise
Start producing: 1997


Basswerk Records, JungleGrowers
Mannheim | Germany

Style: RaggaJungle, DNB, OldSkool
Start: 1993
Birth: 1976


Liverpool | UK

style: Reggae / Ragga / Jungle / DNB
started: 1995
birthday: 25/02/1978
labels: Congo Natty Knowledge & Wisdom Serial Killaz Recordings Run Tingz Recordings New Vibe Necessary Bass Necessary Mayhem


One Shot Sound
Toledo | Spain

style: Ragga Jungle / Dubwise
started: 2008
birthday: 02-11-1983

General Malice

Minneapolis | USA

General Malice continues to pave the way for the Hardstep – Bboy jungle sound. The General Malice sound has garnered an army of rugged junglists from LA to Tokyo.

Gone JahMen Crew

California | USA

A mysterious sect of selektas out of the Inland Empire, Southern California who have come together to rise above the average dj and mash-up da place!

Gypsy Kid

Team Brisk
Oakland | USA

GYPSY KID-Bringing the dark underground vibes to the dancefloor here on Twitch. His musical selections bring the heavy bass lines and he’s not afraid to push the underground sound in every set.


Jigsore Sound
Bristol | UK

Style: Ragga Jungle
Start djing: 2004
Birthday: 25/12/1986

Illegal Jungle Crew

Kiev | Dnepropetrovsk | Stuttgart | Tula

members: Andrey HoT (Hot Sound Records, JungleXpeditions, Bad Dog Jungle, Dub Chamber, Russia, Tula), Dj Shk (Dubplate Selectah, Kiev), Dj D-White (Space Unity, Headbangers, Dp), Dj Dusty (Badman Selectah, Germany), Dj Slimjah (Kiev), Dj Rogueshot (Dp)

Marseille | France

labels: Nothing To Scratch / / Jungle Alliance rec. / Hipstep Zulu Worldwide
Genre: Break / RaggaJungle / Drum’n Bass
starting djing: 1997
birthday: 16 april 1977


Bristol | UK

style: Mashed Amens, Roots Vibes
starting djing: 2007
birthday: 23 april 1991
labels: Run Tingz/Jungleclone/SouthWestSoundTest Bristol

Jacky Murda

Chopstick Dubplate
London | UK

International label and collective Chopstick Dubplate perform live original soundsystem music for all the subwoofer massive and crew right round the world.

Jamie Bostron

Electrikal Sound System
Glasgow | UK

style: Ragga Jungle / Ragga D&B
birthday: 04 12 83
started: DJ since 2000
Labels: Yardrock / Totally Dubwise / One Foot Skankin

Jamin Nimjah

BBL Sound System
Edinburgh, Scotland | UK

Styles: Ragga Jungle, Raggacore, Raggatek
Producing/DJing: 2008
Born – 21/01/1990
Labels: BBL, Erisian, NSA, & Peng Selection, Monkey Buisness, Suck Puck, Stomp! Sounds & Ransaked

Kambo Don

Ghent | Belgium

style: Ragga-Jungle, Dubwise
birth: 21-12-1976
started: 1994 as Raggamuffin Whiteman
Signed to: Hum Fi Drum Recordings, In Da Jungle Recordings, Collective Records, Raffneck Dancehall Junglist
Member of: Konkrete Jungle Belgium, Bass In Ya Face (NL)


South Yard
Barcelona | Spain

styles: Jungle, Reggae, Raggajungle, Dubwize
started: 2002
birthday: 18/12/1984


GreenBay Wax
Sheffield | UK

dj-crew: Concrete Jungle/Pangaea/Dubcentral
style: Old School Style Jungle
starting djing: 2002
birthday: 16/04/83


Montreal | Canada

Krinjah started producing in 1995 helped to kick-off the ragga-jungle revival with ragga jungle releases like the “Burial”, “Angel” and “Bam Bam” remixes. Krinjah has releases on King Kong Sound, Hand Grenade, JungleXpeditions, Cause and Effect, Tiger Tech and Too Dutty record labels.


Córdoba | Spain

Dj, Producer & Turntablist – From the brain to the subwoofer.
labels: Run Tingz Recordings, Melting Pot Records, Bass 4 Ya Face, Low Freq MX, Liquid Brilliants, The Pooty Club, UNC Audio
start: 2007
birthday: 20.07.1988


Big League Sound
Norfolk | UK

style: Jungle, breakbeat and hardcore
started: 2000
labels: Fat Ape Jungle, Labelless Records, JungleXpeditions, Animal Breaks, Junglist Manifesto, Bludclot Recordings, Top Drawer Digital, Brains Kan Recordings, Erbal Essence, Paranoid Recordings, Brainfunktrax, Hardcore Lives Records

Lady Lite

Hasselt | Belgium

Style: Jungle, RaggaJungle, RaggaBass
Start: 2000
Birth: 11th may, 1979
Crews: Dedkob, LOOP, 3:rthquake


Liondub Intl.

style: reggae music, dancehall, hip-hop & jungle
labels: Liondub Int’l / / / / Breakbeat Science / Earwax / Irish Moss / Gold Dust / The Agriculture / Lustre Kings / Hoodfamous Music / Collision Echo Beach / Halcyon / Konkrete Jungle / JungleX)
start: 1991

Marvellous Cain

London | UK

style: Jungle Drum&Bass / Reggae & Dancehall
starting djing: 1988
birthday: 18th – Feb – 1969


Vancouver | Canada

Moases primarily play DNB/Bass on Twitch. Moases Massive Monday & Thumpin Thursdays are after dinner (PDT). He providing an inclusive space for all to celebrate music/dance.


Fredrikstad | Norway

crews/labels: Shinobi Jungle / Hi Headz / LLTA / Chopem Down Sound
style: oldskool jungle, ragga jungle, dub
started producing: 1994
birthday: 1978


Red Squad
Moscow | Russia

Producer, musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer and a selector.
styles: RaggaJungle/Footwork
starting djing: 2010
birthday: 27.05.1989


Animal Breaks
Liège | Belgium

Style: Oldskool/newskool raggajungle, mash-up, reggae, dancehall, ska, dub & breaks
Founded: Animal breaks label founded in 2005
Start: 1999 in Montreal, Canada
Birth: 1974


Lutsk | Ukraine

style: ragga jungle, drum`n`bass, breaks, hip-hop, funk, breackore
started: 2010

Numa Crew

Florence | Italy

Numa Crew is a collective of djs, producers and one mc, pioneers of the Italian dubstep scene and one of the landmarks of the national independent music scene.
members: Ago / XL Arge / Botz / Lapo / Leonard P / T.Kay / MC Ninjaz

Omen Breaks

Nottingham | UK

styles: Hiphop / Jungle 95
started: 2010
label: JungleCat Recordings


Bristol | UK

labels: Jigsore/Hibiki
style: ragga-jungle, live junglist turntablism, dubplate
started: 2005
birthday: 07-10-1987


Brighton | UK

style: heavy scatty raggajungle, atmospheric jungle
crews: Satta Sounds, Tuff-Cut, Unjustified Records
started: 2007

Prodigal Son

Boston | USA

style: Gutter Ragga Jungle/Hip Hop/Dubstep
started: 1998
labels: N2O / Freeburning / Big Cat / Warlord Dubplate


Vikings Champion Sound
Oslo | Norway

Style: Jungle, Raggajungle, D&B, Ragga-D&B
PsychoFreud has been making drumandbass since 1995 and been DJ’ing since 1999. His tracks are being played everywhere from Europe to both coasts in the US, in Canada, Japan, and the Ivory Coast.


Montreal | Canada

Style: Jungle, ragga-jungle, DNB
Started: 1997
Birth: 1970
labels: Royal Crown, JungleXpeditions, Wikkid Records


Mashup Business
Bruxelles | Belgium

Start: 2000
Birth: april 1978
styles: DnB, jungle, ragga jungle, breackcore and dubstep


Naughty Vibez Sacramento, California | USA

Started djing 1996 playing jungle/drum n bass with artists such as aphrodite, raw, crs, apx1, diesel boy and many more. Catch him streaming at


Digital Collective
Wałbrzych | Poland

style: Jungle/Raggacore
starting producing: 2006
starting djing: 2010
labels- Deep in the Jungle, Ransaked Recordz, Hi Headz

Run Tingz Cru

Bristol | UK

members: J-Man / Ricky Tuff / Dossa / YT / Serial Killaz / Breakah / Doubla J / Kursiva / TerraHawk
styles: Jungle / Drum & Bass / Reggae


HumDruma Recordingz
Palmdale | Canada

Style: Jungle, DNB
Start: 1994
Birth: march of 1977


Monkey Business
Genk | Belgium

styles: Jungle / Breakcore / Hardcore / DNB
started: 2006
birthday: April 8 1991


Illegal Jungle Crew
Kiev | Ukraine

style: Ragga-jungle, Dancehall, Dubstep
started djing: 2007
birthday: 09.05.1983


Dub Chamber Records
San Diego | USA

style: Jungle, Future Jungle
starting djing: 1996
birthday: 09-13-1979
labels: Dub Chamber Records / Boomsha Recordings UK / Woofer Cooker


Illegal Jungle Crew
Kiev | Ukraine

style: Ragga Jungle
started: 2005
birthday: 07.10.1987


Bristol | UK

style: dubstep, ragga jungle core
birthday: 18.4.82
started: in 1998
crews: Life4Land, The D.S.C., Born On Road

Supa Ape

Manchester | UK

The Supa Ape sound spans a variety of styles, from earth shaking amen rinse-outs to uplifting dubwise anthems. Expect old school vibes, reggae dub heritage and above all, positive energy inna dance.


Trilogy Sound
Atlanta | USA

Style: hard hitting deep bass, mashed up amen breaks and drum n bass styles along with strong culture and soundboy killin’ vocals
Start: 1998
Tester has over 20 vinyl releases, amounting to more than 30 individual released tracks and has produced well over 100 original dubplates and VIP remixes.


Melbourne | Australia

Style: the mashing point of jungle, dancehall and breakcore
Birthday: 11 dec 81

Vibes Ambassadors

Leipzig | Germany

members: DJ Paloma, Ratz-Baddz, Selectah El_P, Stepthat
style: Jungle / DnB / Dub(step) / Breaks / Electroswing / Balkanbrass / Conscious-Reggae
starting djing: 2005

Vinyl Fatique

Amen Assassins
Long Beach | USA

style: Old School Hardcore Jungle/ Ragga Jungle
started: 1996

Vlad Cheis

Moscow | Russia

style: Ragga-Jungle, Dubwise, Any Jungle, Mash up, Dancehall, Reggae
started: 2000, Ragga-Jungle & Dubwise in 2006
birthday: 25.07.1983

X Nation

Brighton - England | UK

X amount of beats! Jungle and DnB producer from the UK. Dedicated to the music since the early 90’s.


Okanagan | Canada

crew: Pk
style: Jungle, -core, Experimental
started: 2002


Organic Soundsystem
Ohio | USA

Style: ragga-jungle/dubstep/reggae
Start: 1999
Birth: 08.29.1985