alllrite…here it is another part of the jungle lion sessions ….
a bit new, a bit old, a bit anything heheh …hope yuh´ll like …. travel can start now :)

01 cobra – original kill, nuh run
02 H.O.T – gal dem know
03 f.b.i crew – galang so
04 diamond geezer – as a man
05 H.O.T ft. alborosie – ring di alarm
06 krinjah – everyman rmx
07 W.A.R – penitentiary
08 badweed – love song
09 Diamond geezer – girl of my dreams
10 natty killah – come into my world
11 H.O.T – ft. buju tournament
12 drum unit – real gunman
13 r.a.w – tingeling
14 jungle bulletz – batty rider
15 H.O.T ft. alborosie – police and soldiers
16 krinjah – smoke weed
17 jah condah – we at war
18 odg – experience
19 psychofreud – rebel
20 direct feed – badman bandwagon
21 jah condah – ghetto crown
22 superkopter – wonderful land
23 H.O.T ft. natural black – lef out

selected by D.I.S & BASE

respect all artist who contribute tracks and of course yuh , for support!!!! enjoy yourself and push our likkle ting forward!


  1. Fire! nothing but pure, unadulterated FIRE! Massive mix, some wicked tunes (thanks for the inclusions!) this is not gonna be leaving my car for a loooooong time!

  2. Wicked session for all soldiers!!
    don’t test Jungle Lion Sound.. :)

    PS: W.A.R – penitentiary
    please tell me more about this one

  3. I-man serve Selassie I continually. No matter what the weak heart say. And I know that I & I is like a tree, plant by the river of water, and not even the dog that piss against the wall of Babylon shall escape this judgment. For I & I know that all of the youth shall witness the day that Babylon shall fall!

  4. hey tanxxx for the feedback @all, i very glad yuh like it:) im actually in belgium till tuesday, and i dun have this good inet connection ….ut always nice to read such tingz …

    bless and nuff tanxxx

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