This is the first one hour pure jungle mix called “Lion Session” by Jungle Lion Sound – the first b2b mix made in feb 2006, arranged & mixed by Base & D.I.S on two 1210´s , a cdj 1000 & a bottle of 7 years old cuban rum with tracks by Tenor Fly, Capleton, Jacky Murda, KGBKid, Criminal Sound, Soundmurderer, Warrior King, PsychoFreud, DJ K + Killa Records, Krinjah, TWINHOOKER™ ….

01.warrior king – ruff road
02.luciano/capleton – jah kingdom
03.tenor fly – rudeboy talk
04.terry genzie – junglist outlaw
05.jacky murdah – washroom rock (unreleased)
06.kgb kid – bawling 4 soundclash
07.Mu-zik ease up VIP
08.criminal sound – baby rmx (unreleased)
09.kgb kid – sublime lion
10.leviticus & jr. tucker – warning
11.kingz of the jungle – wicked
12.soundmurderer & sk1 – lock it off
13.psychofreud – gunman (unreleased) k -respect
15.krinjah – bam bam rmx
16.krumble – sans soleil
17.mainframe -forward
18.soundmrderer & sk1 – limb by limb
19.heretic – champion
20.knowledge & wisdom -fire
21.j frequency – while you gone
22.visionary & peter ranking – in the dancehall
23.jacky murdah – murdarer rmx (unreleased)
24.twinhooker – that day will come


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