Here is another Junglewars 2018 mix with 35 heavy jungle clash tunes.

01.FOTH – Sweet Meditation
02.Thumbzo – No More Lions
03.FishStix – Warfare
04.noBeL FiLtH – 2 Much Funeral
05.Krave – Revenge
06.Scooby – Kill Shot
07.Skru – Murda Dem Wit Krome and Metal Shit
08.Rumblejumble Clash – Headshot – Dead Pixl
10.FFF – Hangin Nutz
11.Jonny5 – Love Taps
12.Rainforest – Bustah N Bounty Bully Riddim
13.BC Rydah – Defnote
14.XianJuan – Importance Of Stretching
15.Bman – Top Of The Town
16.Scooby – Shoot 2 Kill
17.BC Rydah – For Ya Throat
18.Indian Junglist – Knee Deep In The Dead
19.Abstract Illusion – Jungle Wars Response Unit Now
20.MEDIT8 – When We Kill A Sound
21.Xluther – Cause I’m Stupid
22.Disciple – Deadly Zone
23.Wombcorps – RIP Fotze
24.Nickynutz – Come up you bloodclaat
25.Moz – Badman War
26.Tony Jungle – The Judge
27.ED808 – Masterpiece Art of War
28.Junglord – Witchcraft War Dub Dread
29.Tropmanga – Responding To D.I.S
30.SARIUO – Murderation
31.Pixl – Dead Orchid
32.Andrey HoT – War Specialist
33.Captain Raveman – Bloody Jungle Music
34.Matheus – Eat Shit ‘N’ Die, Sweetiepie
35.Aaron Spectre – F.A.W.

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