J-Rolla was near the epicenter when a magnitude 6.3 earthquake rocked his country. Houses were devoured by mud, and the sides of buildings were sheared off. Buildings have collapsed and bricks have scattered onto the streets. Roads and sidewalks have buckled, and water has gushed through giant cracks in the pavement. Dealing with this tragedy has been difficult for the thousands of people who have literally had their world crumble around them.

In spite of this disaster and the loss of many basic amenities like electricity, phone service and internet, J-Rolla soldiered forward and created his mixtape for JungleXpeditions.

1. “One Step Forward” feat. Max Romeo – Nicky Nutz
2. “Ruffneck Dubwize” – J-Rolla
3. “Versionist” – DJ Dubb
4. “Junglista Massive” – Zound & Ku
5. “Opposition” – S.E.
6. “Conscious Dub” – Ritual
7. “Juss A Dubwize Thing” – Erbman Hustlin’
8. “Set An Example” – Erbman Hustlin’
9. “Super Ape Inna Good Shape” – HoT
10. “Born Inna Babylon” feat. YT (Run Tingz Remix)
11. “Blockade” – Parallel 49
12. “Kingston” – The Fix
13. “One Family” – X Nation
14. “Conscious Rebel Music” – Ritual
15. “Warn Ya” – RCola
16. “I Got 5 On It” – Luinz (Mighty Dreadnaut 2010 ReSmash)



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