Short but awesome raggajungle mix by Mr. HoT with 6 new tunes/remixes by the master himself. BIG!

1. RSD feat. Ricky Ranking – Dancehall Rock (HoT remix)
2. Run Tingz Cru ft. Blackout J.A – Ganja Man Ting (JMan Remix)
3. Tommy Lee – Duh Yuh Ting (HoT Remix)
4. Sizzla – Di Baddest (HoT remix)
5. Suku – Broad Back (HoT remix)
6. KG Man – Sweet Aroma (HoT remix)
7. Blackout Ja feat. Carasel – News Flash (Vital Elements Remix)
8. HoT – Rewind’n’Comagan

limited download here


  1. yeah usually when I see “HoT” I download the mix before even listening to it… this time was no exception.

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