Junglist FLeCK is going through some of his 140 Jungle productions and remixes of the last few years. Real badman tunes!

1.Cry out – FLeCK feat. Eri
2.Lakes on Saturn – FLeCK
3.The real Don Dada – FLeCK
4.I can tell by your eyes – FLeCK
5.We make it rough (FLeCK remix) – Soundshifter
6.Terrorist Bass (FLeCK mashup) – Renegade vs Dead Dread
7.The place (FLeCK remix) – Roommate & Illoom feat Chezidek
8.I was a Nuttah – FLeCK feat.UK Apache
9.Badman Style (FLeCK remix) – Exit Point
10.Make it Bun Dem (FLeCK mashup) – Damian Marley & Skrillex
11.Season of the Harvest (FLeCK remix) – Lowki & I-Lodica
12.Condemnation (FLeCK remix) – Mistafire feat. Jago & Zico
13.Yuh No Badman (FLeCK Rmx) – Stivs & Katch Pyro
14.Ganja tune (FLeCK remix) – Sisyphos
15.Love in the community – FLeCK
16.Chalice – FLeCK
17.Junglist Princess – FLeCK
18.Dem a fight (FLeCK remix) – Ed West feat.Parly B
19.Praise & Love (FLeCK remix) – Dubsalon
20.Jungle tales – FLeCK
21.Loosing you – FLeCK
22.A place for us – FLeCK

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