Optikal Dubs Records presents their new release, Old and New, a 3-track EP by multi genre producer Singularnost. The compilation is the perfect introduction to summer, bringing a unique sound within liquid funk drum and bass.
Hailing from the land of the rising sun, Japan, Singularnost is a keyboard player influenced by jazz, classical music, movies, among others. He originally started out making music using acoustic instruments like the piano. In 2020, he began to use the Daw as a tool and managed to launch his productions through the bass music label Nü Kvlture based in Belgrade, Serbia, being broadcast on radio in several European countries.

“Remember The Old Days” opens the release with an excellent melodic introduction followed by roller beats, deep basses and perfectly executed arrangements by this talented and versatile artist.

“Intermezzo” brings a jazz-influenced vibe, double bass sets the pace, with punchy beats that blend with vocal harmonies and atmospheric synths.

“A New Step” closes the cycle with elegant piano arrangements along with constantly mutating bass lines. A powerful track to conclude this symphony.

The Optikal Dubs Records family continues to grow by bringing together bass music producers from around the world. ODD24 Singularnost – Old and New is available on all digital platforms.

1. Remember The Old Days
2. Intermezzo
3. A New Step

Buy this relase on Bandcamp here.

Written, Produced & Mixed by Singularnost
Mastered by Zoundcolector
Artwork by Acid Lemon

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