After his remix of “Heatwave” the soundclash don that is Gold Dubs returns to the Label with an incredible EP full of upfront Jungle warfare. Don’t miss this heavy package with positive tinged dancefloor weaponry.

DJ, producer and label manager Gold Dubs (Born On Road) flexes his distinctive style and skills on the sure shot rewind candidate “New World”. Old school rave strings combine with crunchy drum breaks in the intro which leads to a serious drop into one of the dirtiest basslines of the year accompanied by skippy Jungle beats in the switch. Forget all those bassline tracks with animal names, this one is the real beast which will cause 100% havoc!

“Lost Translations” is the definition of rolling, funky Drum and Bass with a dark hoovering bassline. A hypnotic synth leads through the mental ride whilst a serious amount of groove will keep you stepping. “Reshape” uses the classic “to shape the future” vocal-sample and FX on a fresh techy roller full of bubbling energy and rolling drum work for the headz. “The Truth” comes ruff and rugged with cutting edge bassline modulations and different Jungle breaks chopped and combined in an inimitable way.

Gold Dubs has releases on the biggest Jungle labels in existence. With his “New World EP” Bristol’s finest shows again why he is a reigning lion in the Jungle.

Buy this EP here.

Text: Dash Dortmund
Artwork: Grizzlyarts

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