Audio Addict looks back over the vaults and draw for some of Euphonique’s many big hitters on the label for this killer remix EP from some serious names and label family members. Guzi steps up first, fixing up our focus on the rave stabs on ‘True’ while man-of-the-moment Kumo flips ‘Siren’ into a gnarly dark style slap-about. Elsewhere man like Sl8r adds his unique, loose-limbed funk to ‘Gangstar’, Conrad Subs gets all jiggy over ‘Booyaka’ while Epicentre turns in with a flabby grizzler remix. Euphonique herself steps in to conclude this EP with the Amen VIP mix.

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1. True (feat Diligent Fingers – Guzi remix)
2. Siren (Kumo remix)
3. Gangstar (Sl8r remix)
4. Booyaka (Conrad Subs remix)
5. Euphonique & Kovert Sound – Killah (Epicentre remix)
6. Euphonique & Kovert Sound – Killah (Euphonique Amen VIP mix)

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