We’ll cut to the chase on this one: If you’re not shouting ‘EPICENTRE YOU BADMAN’ at the top of your lungs when the bulbous fatman bassline on “Fresh” drops then we suspect your soul might be damaged beyond repair. Other physical kneejerk reactions you might experience when vibing to this seriously sharp release include leaning back as far as you can to the east coast keys of “Infamous”, hard-stepping like a mad bugger to the ghetto-grooving Astrophonica-style workout “Run It Back”, leaping around like a total idiot to the ragga-tinged roller “Lion A Lion” and getting pranged beyond the cosmos on the darkstyle damager on “Jedi”. As for the additional VIP of “Duppied Inna Dance”, if you should expect around 20 gunfinger rounds a second. Any less and consult your physician.

1. Fresh
2. Infamous
3. Run It Back
4. Lion A Lion
5. Jedi
6. Duppied Inna Dance (VIP)

Buy this EP on Junodownload here.

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