Cult rave label Destroy Oh Boy has released a host of music from a variety of hardcore heroes since 2016, including FFF, Aaron Spectre, Phatworld, Ronin, Christoph De Babylon and Enduser.
But for their next EP, label head Dr. Colossus digs into the vaults to present four previously unreleased tracks recorded under that pseudonym, the first of its kind on the imprint, and a perfect snapshot of how the music he’s released has inspired his own creative journey.

His punk roots are on show from the first seconds. The record kicks off with Wonderful, which blends big riffs with even bigger breaks and a reggae sample that lands somewhere between Bang Face and vintage Tony Hawks OSTs, at once unrelentingly hard and still imbued with absolute positivity, as the name suggests. Snake Cat Rat sees him flip a classic Daddy Freddy vocal, keeping it’s bashment skeleton and adapting it into a hybrid jungle breakcore dancefloor destroyer.

The B side looks more towards his IDM inspirations, but in no way compromises on the powerful breakbeats. You’re the Sun Now Lamp almost tends towards post rock, with its slow, deliberate and distorted build, before a bass melody that wouldn’t be out of place on early Warp Records breaks through the scuzz and crescendos into beautiful synth chaos. Under the Streetlamp has a similar feel, albeit a slower start, opening at a relatively glacial 105 beats per minute. As with much of Dr. Colossus’ music though, things don’t stay static or predictable, and the track moves through a multitude of melodies, basslines and percussive glitches before you know what’s hit you.

Buy this EP on Bandcamp here.

1. Wonderful 07:18
2. Snake. Rat. Cat. Dog 06:44
3. You’re The Sun Now Lamp 07:32
4. Under The Streetlamp 06:57

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