Conrad lands back on his own imprint Maad Ting after a whole string of releases on the likes of Dutty Bass, Calypson Muzak, Influence, Ten Ton, Original Key… The list goes on. As always with Subby, the focus is purely on the party as he licks up the breaks and bubbling bass for total dancefloor mischief. Old school in both its sonic dynamics and the rawness and immediacy of it all, every track hits the way it should… From the nagging Q&A bassline riff of “Deep Trouble” to the rushy rave energy of “The Rhythm Will Never Die”, Conrad is crushing it right now. Get Maad as hell. Buy this EP on Juno here.

1. 9 In My Speaker 04:05
2. Deep Trouble 05:10
3. Show Me How 04:28
4. The Rhythm Will Never Die 05:26

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