Setting forth musical excellence for more than half a decade, Rotterdam-based imprint Mindtrick Records is unleashing a complementary direction through their newly established sub-label Mind Dubs. The prime focus of its sonic output being centered around the characteristics of Dub and Jungle – and both globally evolving styles. Especially but not exclusively residing in up-tempo territory, label owner and highly talented producer Atiq launches the discography with three releases of his own, being served with an excellent selection of MC’s. Starting the journey properly, he’s releasing its debut with highly skilled vocalist Daddy Freddy, renowned for his fluency and skillful display of rapid expressions.

Catalogued ‘MDUBS001’ – the Jamaican MC managed to embody the plethora of his noholds-barred style alongside Atiq’s original ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’. The collaboration of his new-school Jungle vibrations and highly energetic vocal transmission of Daddy Freddy results in hefty delight for bass music aficionados around the world. Topping off the madness, we’re met with a power remix employed by the soaring artist TMSV from the boiling pot of the Netherlands, who’s recent feats include a release on the revered imprint Cosmic Bridge, run by Om Unit.

Generously embedded in a sea of twirling delays, the resourceful control of atmospheric space is luring the primitive listener along an intensifying rhythm. Inconspicuously introducing the energetic MC, the emerging tension is being let loose with intense and unceasingly driving sub weight. Taking no prisoners, as the forward-thinking arrangement keeps positively surprising keen listeners with cunning sound design, the Jamaican vocalist exhibits his most desirable qualities on this lively piece of music – Jungle at its finest. Still feeling the aftershocks, the flip-side remix by Utrecht’s TMSV introduces a more trippy side – as if the track was gasping for air before the complete sound frequency spectrum unfolds and vibrates itself into every single fiber of your consciousness. Anthemic pads unfold along thrilling percussion works to fill the gaps in between the massive bassline foundation – soaked in an inventive take on the proficient vocals, ranging ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’.

A. From Dusk Till Dawn ft. Daddy Freddy
B. From Dusk Till Dawn (TMSV remix)

Artist: Atiq
Title: From Dusk Till Dawn EP
Label: Mind Dubs
Release-date: 28th of April 2017
Catalogue No.: MDUBS001
Format: 12” Vinyl (hand-stamped) / Digital
Mastering: Beau at Ten Eight Seven
Artwork: Mimi Hellyeah

Buy this release on bandcamp here.

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