Shortened version of a set I played at a free party in Brighton on the 9th of October 2010. I chopped off some shit at the end because I’ve done it in other live sets before. Pretty much every track is a VIP edit or a dubplate.

The Smashing Pumkins – Mellon Collie (Colossus Edit)
Drumcorps – Headstrong and Heartfoolish
Cardopusher – Show Me Your Pussy Massive
Dr. Colossus – Dub Fi Dub (VIP’s)
Dr. Colossus – Topcat Dub
Congo Natty – Kunta Kinte
Venetian Snares – Hajnal (Colossus Edit)
Igit – Nuttin A Go
Feedback / noise



  1. Damn boy!!! Rockin that shit!!! BOOM>>>

    jungle is the Rock of techno!!! that was awesome mon, thanks mucho!!!

    Its so rare I get to dance and play Air Guitar at the same muthafuckin time!!!


  2. Yeah I do ask for a email address but in turn you get a high quality, high speed properly id3 tagged download. All I use the email addresses for is to send a very occasional mailout usually giving away nice things like limited free downloads of prereleases.

    My thoughts on it are that if someone can’t be fucked to enter an email address than they won’t be fucked to listen to the tune / mix so I don’t care if they are dissuaded.

    I’m glad you liked it. Peep the other mixes / tunes at that link since you will probably like them as well

  3. at first I was like why the fu*k do I have to register through my email and stuff just to get a 30 minute mix…

    …but then laters when I listened to it, I understood that it was worth the trouble. This mix is just soo strange and at the same time pleasing, I have no words… GOOD STUFF O_o

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