The JUNGLE BOSS DJ L.A.B. is runnin into a new level of sound. With tons of new tunes everday he represent the worldwide jungle scene to the fullest. Download his new mix, read the tracklist and listen carefully.

L.A.B. – Artificial Consciousness Remix
Killawatt and L.A.B. – Bipolar Dub (L.A.B. Jungle Mix)
Mighty Dreadnaut and L.A.B. – Soundtest Riddim
Nickynutz – 4 Real Pt. II (L.A.B. Remix)
L.A.B. – Raggamuffin Selector
L.A.B. – Where Did That Come From
Jah Clarity and Zoe Ellis – Drowning (L.A.B. Big League Dub)
L.A.B. – Rudeboy In The Country
Courtney Melody – Ninja Mi Ninja (L.A.B. Big League Dub)
L.A.B. – Truly Dread
L.A.B. – Simple Words
L.A.B. – Planted By Water
Junoir Reid – One Junglist Blood (L.A.B. Big League Dub)
Schoco – Listen (L.A.B. Remix)
L.A.B. – Large Up
Firefox and 4-Tree – Warning (L.A.B. Remix)
L.A.B. – Taking Over
Jaywalker – Creation (L.A.B. Remix)
L.A.B. – Tonight
D.Bo General – Don’t Let Go (L.A.B. Remix)
Robert Lee and L.A.B. – Authentic Jungle (VIP Mix)
M-Beat – Rough Like Me (L.A.B. Remix)
Malijah – Ganja Road (L.A.B. Big League Dub)
Beenie Man – Any Mr Man (L.A.B. Big League Dub)
L.A.B. – See and Blind
L.A.B. – 5H Riddim
L.A.B. – Own Sense of Time

Only for download here.

Just check out more sound of DJ L.A.B. here. His last-year-mix you can find here.


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