A summer blend of ragga jungle & dnb dubplates from established producers and unsigned talent back-to-back.
Featuring exclusive shout-outs by the original artists & ragga junglists all over the world.

Grab a cold drink, kick up your feet and get ready to hear some of the newest and sweetest sounds in underground jungle.

1. Intro – Psychofreud
2. Summer Madness remix – Keej (aka KGBkid)
3. Over & Over remix – R.A.W.
4. Killa A Sound – ZEN2
5. Bouge Toi man – DJ Raggamuffin Whiteman feat. Jagan & Stoneman
6. Ragga Meditation – DJ Raggamuffin Whiteman feat. Omar Perry
7. Fattie Fattie – D.I.S.
8. Put Down The Gun – Bagawire
9. Earth Run Red – N-Dub
10. Fire – N-Dub
11. Jah – Psychofreud
12. Light It – ZEN2
13. Quicksand – R.A.W.
14. Ruff Ryders – Unsoundbwoy
15. In Da Club remix – R.A.W.
16. Get Low remix – Direct Feed
17. Scalp Dem remix – Direct Feed
18. Armed And Dangerous remix – Direct Feed
19. War Without End – Inztance
20. Integrity – Mainframe
21. Unpleasant Nature – Ethex
22. 3 Weeks Off – Milkmann
23. Spiritual War – Atiq & Enk
24. King Without A Crown – Archangel

Mix backgrounder: there is actually quite a lot behind this project.

A little while ago I made a request to ragga jungle producers, from the most famous to the most unknown, to send me their dubplates with the theme of “unique” and “a hint of summer”.
I slowly pieced this together very carefully, and asked artists to record their own voice overs for copy protection & give a more personal feel to each part of the mix.
The result is an hour of beats & vocals featuring amazing unreleased music that will hopefully spread some summer vibes and help expose new music and names to all junglists pushing that underground sound.

Also, I didn’t want to release another mix with those few ragga jungle releases that other DJ’s have been giving plenty of attention to already.
This is why I took a grassroots approach, connecting with people individually, and where most, if not all of these tunes have never been heard in a mix.
In the process I met many many friendly quality producers from around the world.

HUGE thanks to all of the producers who contributed to this project – bigup yourselves, it was a pleasure to work with every one of you.
Volume 2 already in the works.

Producers can submit your dubplates directly to:

Peace & Respect – !

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