You’ve got a 30 minute prime cut of DJ K’s own work, sizzling on the BBQ with a taste of everything from Drum & Bass and Jungle styles. Aged over 15 years, there’s the older hard amen Jungle and fresh new Drum & Bass styles.

DJ K is from Canada and is an original Junglist. His true passion for the music is testimony to over 15 years pushing the heavy jungle sounds, playing out all over the world from Europe, North America and Japan. Free download here.

1. DJ K & Feyder – Mash Up Di Place
2. DJ K – Brace Yourself
3. R.A.W. – Oh My God (DJ K Remix)
4. DJ K – Fook
5. DJ K – Respect Remix
6. DJ K – Dis Battle
7. DJ K – Bad Kalic
8. DJ K – Championz (808 Remix)
9. DJ K – Pilla
10. DJ K & Tariq – All In The Mind
11. DJ K – Kill It
12. Psychofreud feat. Daddy Freddy – Murda Charge (DJ K Remix)

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