Default made also a mix with only junglewars 2018 tunes. Big up everyone yet again for taking part in this clash some serious fire going down!

Default – You Dead
Galvatron – Warning
Jynx – Beautiful Death
Jonny 5 – Fool
Jamin Nimjah – What You Reap
Jahnglist Bwoy – Destroy A Sound
The Mighty Dreadnaut – Dreader Than Dread
Mickeyrae – Show Some Respect
Nickynutz – Bun Dem Zing Pan Sound Pussyclaart Soundboys
Tony Jungle – Kill A Sound
Junglecat – Wah Do Dem
Chazy – War Inna Dance
Nickynutz – Outta Di War
Kahncept – Ninja Mi Ninja
Jonny 5 – Love Taps

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  1. Happy new year to all badmans junglists this days I played some tunes to all my mc’s I love you haha

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