the return of the mighty no retreat no surrender mix-series … after 4 years, it was time to bring that back to topic … as usual its heardgrabbed selected and one shoot!

01 Shanti D – Gun Shot
02 Tetra Hydro K – Summer Step
03 Lowcut – All Day Dub
04 Theory – I Saw You Girl
05 tropmanga & faul – biosonar (faulmix)
06 Pastaman – Ruff & Tuff
07 Nickynutz vs The Upsetters – Ital junglist dread (Default Remix)
08 Aries & Gold Dubs – Screwface
09 Faul-Dread
10 DJ Vocoda – 95 Junglist
11 KingItal – What a Gwaan (FLeCKJungleRemix)
12 Lapo & TKay – Princess
13 Numa Crew – Music Sweetness
14 Junglord – Oldskool Gangsters
15 Pastaman – Yardcore RMX
16 Omen Breaks – Test Dead
17 Dj Gunshot – Regulators (Default Remix)
18 Tropmanga & Default – One Of Many
19 Kid Lib – Slingshot
20 Kings Hi-Fi & Ras Demo – Fire (FLeCK rmx)
21 Truspin – Is This A Jungle
22 Souldjasoulz – Storm Warning (L.A.B. Remix)
23 Pastaman – I got 5 RMX
24 DJ L.A.B. & Wendy Rene & Mobb Deep – Simple Words
25 Kid Lib – Da Absolute Dubplate Danger (Feat. Mc Murman)
26 DJ Bazia & DJ L.A.B. – Drumpan Killer (Remix)
28 Truspin – Run The Bizzness
29 Tropmanga – Jungle Joy ft Spruddy – What a Joy
30 Robert Lee – Authentic Jungle (L.A.B. Mix)

nuff respect to all the producers

download here

Check out all previous mixes:


  1. Working through sickness so again Thank You with a quicknesss.
    5 podcasts 5 hours 5 years…
    Plus found out it was you that did the “Jungle Drum” remix, absolute maddest beat to that. Heart attack running for sure.

  2. excellent mix, but this is ruff-e-nuff so I didn’t expect anything less.
    I have 8 ruff-e-nuff series podcasts on my drive.
    But I’d also like the first 2 parts of the no retreat, no surrender series (I got the 3th and 4th) … this stuff is worth holding on to.


  3. Serious you are going upload the series again? THANK YOU!! I want to call it “Silver Era Jungle” mixes from roughly 2000-2008, are of huge worth, a history lesson, tranisition period in technology, etc. that can be hard to find.
    There is BBC One in the jungle collection and Goldenerajungle.com (hoping soon) for the 90s. RJ.biz RJ.com DNBshare etc. covers current. I don’t find as much from 2000s and I think it would make people happy to have access to that. Maybe a monthly look back…
    And Personally I really value being able to download mixes so I have them through the day and on hard drive collection at home, so agan thank you to all.

  4. alllrite good to hear :) …
    will upload the complete series in the next days …:)

    tanxxx for the heads up!

  5. Quick heads something is wrong with mp3. Fastest 2 second download for 92 gbs and Windows cant play it. Haven’t tried Itunes yet…Looks like a good track list and so does part 4, activate download link please. Phasers to stun.
    Another headsup there are people that would like to download gosh the entire series. Please Please Please Thank you. For history sake.

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