What you can find here is some of the best in ragga jungle you can find out there. Of course, tastes differ, but I think I found some great plates that show the artistic versatility of this amazing music.

Kid Lib – Gorillillah
FFF – NL Bubblers
Kid Lib & Percussive P – Lighter Fi Flash
Black Orchid – Kill Nuff Sound
Simply Dread – Tiger
Bazia – Original Bad Boy
KeeZee – Ruff
Abyss – Earthquake, Lightning and Thunder
Coco Bryce – DPS
FFF – Superhero Can’t Test We
D.I.S & JunglistiCat – Charge Dem RMX
Setwon – Say Warr
Dub-Liner – X-Amount
Dub-Liner – Murder You
Bman – Nuff Respect
Darkseid & Junior Soprano – 3 Ways To Die
Soundmurderer & SK-1 – Badman

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