well maybe a bit late but this is still top notch…big up jack …its always a pleasure to hear chopstick stuff!!

01 Roadblock Tonite feat Fragga Ranks [CHOP10]
02 Ganja Fi Legal feat Jason Sweetness & Ward 21 [OG003]
03 Soundboy Gone feat Jah Mason [Murdatune dubplate]
04 Murdarer feat Barrington Levy [BR003]
05 100 Box of Dubplate feat Carlton Livingston [Chopstick Dubplate]
06 1 Step Beyond [ska Murda dubplate]
07 Heartless Vampirez feat Determine [ska Murda dubplate]
08 Stay Focus feat Simpleman [ska Murda dubplate]
09 Redneck Rock feat Carlton Livingston [Chopstick Dubplate]
10 Mek You Runnin feat Freddy McGregor [Murdatune dubplate]
11 Love Inna Mi 3 Piece Suit feat Marcia Aitkin & Trinity [Murdatune dubplate]
12 Herbalist Dedication feat Sizzla [Murdatune dubplate]
13 Washroom Rock [Chopstick Dubplate]
14 Killin Time feat Leroy Sibbles [Chopstick Dubplate]
15 Jah Drifter [Chopstick Dubplate]
16 TelAviv Rockit feat Bob Marley [Chopstick Dubplate]
17 007Shanty feat Desmond Dekker [Murdatune RIP VIP]
18 Truth and Right feat Johnny Osbourne [Chopstick Dubplate]
19 BudyBye feat Johnny Osbourne & Askel [CHOP8]
20 Sleng Teng Murdaration feat Wayne Smith [Murdatune dubplate]


  1. Hey this is josh when you get this message call me up i was wondering if i could get some tips/buy some equip. off of you.

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