Mix of oldskool, modern and ragga jungle that puts me in a thoughtful place – hopefully first of many!

So far away – Reborn
The big bang – Flatliner
Terror talk (Digital & Lutin Remix) – Zion Train
The Sinner – DJ LAB
Burial (Chronic 1) – Leviticus
I Selassie I (remix) – the archangel
Mr Majestic – Calibre & High Contrast
Have a little faith – Deeper Connection & Scott Allen
Tom’s Diner (bootleg) – Al Pack
Soul Patrol (Marky & S.P.Y Super Jungle VIP) – Total Science (ft.Conrad)
Waiting for you – Tyler straub
I jah – Meanstreak
Revelation – Mainframe
Jah No dub Me (Francey Remix) – Nkogliaz

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  1. Love the mixing of the old school reggae dub. Sure i heard Big Youths Money Dub rythm there. Reassuring to the old school reggae/dub heads:) bigups

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