This is number 11 of Bman’s Fiya mixtape series. This time with brand new jungle tunes. Download this mix on mediafire here.

1 Ayakashi by Coco Bryce
2 Shaolin Style by Lavery
3 3 Meals by Supa Ape
4 The Prayer by Smokah
5 Ghetto Struggle RMX by D.I.S x JunglistiCat
6 Captured Land by Aaron Spectre
7 Midnight Hour by 16AJ
8 Real Sound Killa by HOT
9 Jump by Tony Jungle
10 Ghetto Crown by Jah Condah
11 Legalize It! by HoT
12 Badman Nah Test by Lavery
13 Melting Pot by FeyDer

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