Every month a new podcast. Bman is back with number three of his Fiya podcast series in march 2017.

1 Caravan Massive by Tropmanga & Black Orchid
2 Show The Interest by FeyDer
3 Ya Death This Time by Bman
4 Soundboy run away by Pastaman
5 Entities (Default Remix) by New Koncept
6 Vinegar by Dionic Frenzy
7 Killah Junglist by Marvin Blue
8 horns 4 2014 by stivs
9 Temptation by Simply Dread
10 Amberlight Remix by DJ K & Default
11 Kill Dem by FeyDer
12 You ain’t no Junglist by Ptay
13 Surfin by RIFFZ
14 Satisfaction by Bman

Free download on Mediafire here.

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