Getting more & more intrigued by this subgenre called raggajungle and getting more & more into the production of it, Raggamuffin Whiteman who had been spinning dancehall, tropical music & urban music since 1994, decided it was time for an alter-ego to fully develop his love & interest for raggajungle and rave music.
Kambo Don was born.

People often refer to the lion as the king of the jungle, but lions live in the plains, the real king of the jungle is the Gorilla he’s the Jungle Don.
Coming from Gorilla Sound this name came logical to Kambo Don as Kambo means Jungle and Don means rock in the Mangani language, which is the spoken language of the gorillas in the Jungle Book.
Kambo Don makes sense….. and giving us the number three of the Bloody Feet-mixtape series.

intro by dubwiser mc
Jamalski – Jump Spread Out [special]
Run Tingz & YT – Born Inna Babylon
Serial Killaz, Run Tingz Cru, Tenor Fly & Blackout JA – Bun Babylon [UK jungle mix]
HoT – Man A Soldier
Serum & Bladerunner – Chalice [Aries RMX]
Rebel MC feat Tenor Fly, Daddy Freddy, Nanci & Serial Killaz – Get Ready
Kambo Don feat Lord Bitum – Donne-Moi Le Tempo [special]
Busy Signal – Between Eyes [Kambo Don RMX]
Aries, Gold, Bevan & Andy Sim – Sun Is Shining
Tuffist – Jah Army
Lionman – Koffiekan [Kambo Don RMX]
Kambo Don feat Robert Lee – Yu Raas Yu 2012 RMX [special]
Kambo Don feat Prince Zimboo – Shut Off [special]
Kambo Don feat Junior Carl – Alles Geht Hype [special]
Kambo Don feat Simpleton – I Spy 2011 [special]
Aries, Tuffist & Jacky Murda – Chop Fire Medley [Amen Mix]
Kalibwoy – Free Up [Kambo Don RMX]
Papa San – Predominant [Kambo Don & Faszosbéka RMX]
Capleton – Tour [Kambo Don & Faszosbéka RMX]
DJ Hose – Hitmaker
Kambo Don – Jump Up Inna Di Place
Rihanna & Wayne Marshall – Man Down [Kambo Don RMX]
Kambo Don feat Skarra Mucci – Raggamuffin Whiteman [special]
Peshay – Jammin [FeyDer RMX]
Kambo Don – Gangster Anthem
DJ K – Kill Or Be Killed [RAW RMX]
Ice Machine – The Bizness [Paulie Walnuts RMX]
Stepkillah – Man VIP
Major Lazer – Original Don [Kambo Don VIP]
Kambo Don – Gin Gan Junglie [madd a road refix]
Slimjah vs Duck Sauce – Kill The Barbara
The Skints – Murderer [Aries & Lenkemz RMX]
HoT – Gal U Good
HoT – Legalize It
FeyDer – Time Is Red


  1. i look @ a mix like this as beautiful symphonic piece and junglistic warrior man,you are a maestro.bravo.

  2. Sir, you have created the best mix I have heard in long while. Major Respect.
    Every single element is present and balanced, top notch beats and effects, new and interesting vocals, plus a nod to the classics. This mix have stamina, rams till the last closing notes. No “2/3s through and this is getting boring” like so many mix.
    Everyday Jungleists Yall need to give this a listen.

  3. Thank you, been wondering when a new mix would drop.
    By the way, from a user POV DNBSHARE takes forever to download. 10 mins for 97.6 mb.

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