This mix was done using 4 turntables and serato with vinyl by DJ Babel.

1.) Original Gangster Intro ft. Grim Mosses (The Society of Invisibles)
2.) The Mighty Dreadnaught- King of the Streets
3.) Pharoahe Monch-Simon Says (teaser)
4.)Type-R – Clash Murderer
5.) Mob Deep- Shook Ones II
6.) Osci- Junglist Warrior (VIP)
7.) Camilo, Biga & Maxwell – Rocky Road (J Bostron remix)
8.) DJ Vadim ft. Motion Man – Terrorists (tease)
9.) Beat Creep-Madman (Default remix)
10.) Pete Rock and YG- We Specialize
11.) Nas ft. Lauryn Hill- If I ruled the World (acapella)
12.) Raekwon-Ice Cream (instrumental)
13.) Warped Dynamics- Lord of the Amen ( Vinyl Fatigue remix)
14.) Wu-Tang – C.R.E.A.M. (acapella)
15.) Type-R – Street Life
16.) Satin- Ridin
17.) dj K- On a mission (Sixfootunda remix)
18.) dj Swamp, Babel, and M1D1- Murked
19.) SickorWell, Shane Sickx, Babel and M1D1- Mankind
20.) Canibal OX- Let the Ox out (instrumental)
21.) Nas, Pete Rock, Cl Smooth , Havok- (Babel Mash up)
22.)Mu Izm – Renegade
23.) The Mighty Dreadnaught- We Kill big Sound
24.)Top Cat Goin on Hot ( Osci dubplate)
25.) Mary J. Blige ft. Nas – Love is all we need
26.) Whyno&Truspin- Two faced ( Babels Glitch Up)
27.) CRS?- Satan control dem
28.) Scenic & Advisory- First Sunrise (default remix)
29.) GFD- Friend of the Devil ( Babels mash up)
30.) Kip Killagain ft. Ceta Singley- Cool Breeze
31.) Ahmad – Back in the Day (acapella)
32.) Outkast- Jazzy Bell (acapella)
33.) Whyno- High Road
34.) Common- I used to love H.E.R.
35.) Outro by Grim Moses


  1. Big ups!!! Much RSPKT for the listen guys. I have other mixes posted up and available for free dl!!!!


  2. Oh wait Hiphop 2023 is DNB?
    In all seriousness I lost left eye in 2004 due to tree branch. The right eye is legally blind (glaucoma) reading comprehension has taken major loss…

  3. Wait what no download??!! Folks there are a number of people that have mp3 player as the primary, sometimes only way to hear these mixes. Personally, its multiple listens through headphones to really know a piece of music and considering I aint running with a laptop…
    Do what you gotta do, maybe I will get back to it… Thank you though.

  4. N99- While I knew this aint Raggajungle what makes it DNB kinda eludes me. Two sides to the same sheet of paper maybe?
    Least they aint trying to sneak in Dubstep…
    Thank you for link downloaded and saved later. Recoil marathon going on from night till dawn…

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