Live recording of my set on the Shanty Town Show (4/25/13) on Brooklyn Community Radio. The first hour is DJ Conquerrah throwing down some reggae and yours truly holds down the second hour with some Dubwize, Ragga Dnb and Ragga Jungle. We also discussed my history as a DJ / Producer and the scene as a whole, past and present. Enjoy!

Gladiators – Soul Rebel
Courtney Melody – Ninja Mi Ninja
Japanese – Roughest Hatman
Johnny P – Love and Unity
Ninjaman – Me Nah Move
Frankie Paul – Friends
Troy Wonder – Food Have to Sell
General Tree – Every Man Live
Yellowman – Gimme the Thing
Linval Thompson – Cool Down
Barrington Levy – Minibus
Barrington Levy – Girls i Like
Junior Delgado – Run Come
Pad Anthony – In Deh
Cham – Ghetto Story
Yelloman – Orphan
Pinchers – Desperate Scenario
Spice X Pinchers – Rude Boy Love
Cham – Rude Boy Pledge

TRACKLIST – HOUR 2 (AMADEUS) – Dubwize, Ragga Dnb & Jungle:
Mount Zion – Dialect & Kosine feat. King General
Born In The Ghetto – Audiomission
Fade Away – Mooncat
Peace and Harmony – U Stone & Viniselecta
See You 2morrow – Rassterlin
Blaze Up Di Fire (DJ Panik Remix) – U Stone & Viniselecta
Save Mi Life feat. YT – Serial Killaz
Your Sound is Done (J Bostron Remix) – Dreadsquad feat. Dr. Ring Ding
Rock A Dub (J Man Jungle remix) – Dossa feat. Deliman
Come On Come (Aries Remix) – Carlton Livingston
Mr. Government (Aries Remix) – Jah Mason
Baby Fada – Don Malastas feat. YT
Joker Smoker – Ed Solo & Stickybuds


  1. Is there anything wrong with pointing it out? All i talk about is how much i love this music and how beautiful it is. We’re all aware of the struggles. In addition, i have spent so much more money (and time!) on ragga jungle than i have ever gotten back. It’s always been a labor of love and dedication. Same for most people here on this site. Also, jamaican artists have been getting robbed by jamaican producers for decades, not by a “white caucasian middle class german” (way to be inclusive too, my friend). Trust me, no one in ragga-jungle is making a dime or living well by any means off the music. If anything, it has made reggae lovers out of us all, and many other people too who discover them through ragga jungle, and who support jamaican artists through buying their records and going to their shows. Last but not least, jamaican producers have been freely sampling from american (and worldwide) music for decades as well and trust, nothing paid back there. It’s a cycle and this all goes much, much deeper than your superficial sarcastic comment.

  2. I love how it takes a white caucasian middle class german to point out the struggles, poverty, slavery of west indians/afro pan-americans and how these (white folks) are the spokepersons of african music worldwide (and the ones who are profiting the most) while a lot of these artitst these people are sampling from are dead or broke

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