6Blocc returns to his love of classic gangster flicks with this remix project of the 1993 Menace 2 Society movie. 14 hard hitting jungle / drum and bass remixes that keep the feel of the movie with dialog and audio clips direct from the film. Highlights are remixes of Da Lench Mob’s “Guerillas Aint Gangsters”, MC Eiht’s “Straight Up Menace” and Spice 1’s “Trigga Gots No Heart”.

1. Lick Dem Remix 04:41
2. Buck Em 05:53
3. Car Jack (Cenobites Remix) 03:53
4. Guerillas Ain’t Gangsters Remix 06:42
5. I Could Kill Remix 04:41
6. Str8 Up Menace Remix 03:43
7. Menace 05:14
8. Proverbs 22:10 05:22
9. N*gga Gots No Heart Remix 04:44
10. Trigga Gots No Heart Remix 05:18
11. Twist His Cap (Life’s A Bitch Version) 05:54
12. Twist His Cap (Rollin’ In The Hood Version) 05:54
13. Watts Up 05:29
14. Where’s My Money 05:09

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