Deep In The Jungle Anthems 2 – Compilation Album

Here is a wicked compilation with 28 new tracks by several jungle producer like Gold Dubs, Pastaman, L.A.B., Tropmanga, The Mighty Dreadnaut, Nickynutz, Criminal Sound… […]

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Release: S Man – Rava Flava EP

They say don’t forget your roots – and S Man definitley takes things back to the rave days with this 92 influenced EP! […]

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Release: Grimbit – Porygon Herb Dub / Frank

Two experimental 140-160bpm tunes – Porygon Herb Dub and Frank – produced & mastered by Grimbit, vocals by King Ital Rebel, mixed by Grimbit and Supply Fi. […]

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Free Album: Osci – Digital Dub Box

This is just a quick promo mix (with some old renderings) for the full length album “Digital Dub Box”. […]

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Release: Mystic Pulse – Live Up EP

Firing reggae jungle vibes from the ever-reliable Rasta Vibes as Dutch toaster Mystic Pulse lays down vocal gold over a digidub switch-up. […]

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Release: Monkey Business 003

Finest vinyl release with 4 tunes, 2 jungle and 2 breakcore tunes by FeyDer, Bman, Sensimo and Els In Wonderland. […]

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Free Release: Don Goliath – Future Jungle to the World Vol. 1

Don Goliath is back with more breakbeat carnage! Delivering his first album in a series of 140bpm Future Jungle […]

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Free Release: Moz – Sound Gun EP

Free giveaway 4 tracker EP from GWR camp. Nasty footwork jungle exploration in amenizm, rave, ragga & funky things. […]

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Release: Clip & Carbine – “Get Mash Up” EP

Clip & Carbine (riddim killaz) are at it again with this EP of dancehall rockers and cannoballer b-lines. […]

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Release: Bulletproof Wax 001 – Sixteenarmedjack / Osci / Nickynutz

Brand new Mid-Western USA label, Bulletproof Wax provides further proof that jungle has become a global music phenomenon with the release of their first 3-track 12″ vinyl release featuring the far reaching talents of Sixteenarmedjack (Canada), Osci (Austria) and Belgian junglist, Nickynutz (Bulgaria). […]

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Kursiva debuts on Run Tingz Recordings

After a slight hiatus we’re pleased to be back and extremely proud to present the latest addition to the Run Tingz Familia, Kursiva. […]

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Release: Jungle Cakes – The General

MC General Levy has been involved in countless projects spanning the UK ragga landscape and his instantly recognisable touch on the mic is always a pleasure to hear. […]

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Release : Deadly Ammo EP

Brand new California based jungle label, Sounds So Fierce Records present one hell of a debut release in the form of the ‘Deadly Ammo EP’ […]

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Release: Satta Sounds 005

This is a vinyl release featuring dub-liner / obookubo & pastaman. […]

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Release: Fulla Artillery – Parly B & Viniselecta

There couldn’t be a better way to start the year for Dubwise Station, Fulla Artillery is another great effort at bringing together talents from various musical horizons. […]

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Release: Mad Fire EP

4 Tracks Pressed on Vinyl for your Jungle pleasure! […]

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Release: Shaka Bass – Bassico EP

Newcomers Shaka Bass duo consisting of Luis Ángel Parra a.k.a Zicklein (Venezuela) and Matías Lago a.k.a Matías Parkman (Argentina) began the project with the idea of forming a creative and innovative proposal […]

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Free release: The Hempolics – Serious (Zap Bootleg)

This time it’s the composition of the talented musician and producer from Russia – ZAP. This bootleg to English reggae team “The Hempolics” is strong and heavy. Jungle is massive! […]

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Compilation: Amentalist – Round 5

13 new jungle tracks by Amen-Tal in one compilation, released on 13th November 2014. […]

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L3ft Luca5 – The Bloodclart Jungle EP

Here is a five track EP from Amen-Tal, released on 20th October 2014. Strictly amens! […]

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Free release: General Levy – Incredible presents a remix by Green Vibes of the classic track by General Levy – Incredible! […]

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Melting Pot Records 17 Ragga Jungle Series Vol. 3

Mooncat teams up with Fak Scratch and Kursiva to bring two dancefloor ragga jungle killers. Spanish producers keeping the vibe alive! […]

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Jungle Remixes EP by Jam Vibez

Jam Vibez can be considered as a digital geeks, or raggamuffin lovers. However it is impossible to pigeonhole them in any way […]

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Release: Run Tingz Originals – Fully Loaded – Vol. 1

Available now on 12″ & 7″ Vinyl. Digital package September 2014. At the start of 2014 Run Tingz broadcasted a succinct message of next level intentions; they weren’t exaggerating. […]

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Release: FeyDer ft. Slimjah – Unity EP

Mashed Youths present a new crazy ragga-jungle release. Experiments, bangs amen, hard bassline, incredible ragga vocal […]

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Release: Dirty Skank Beats – Mad Combination Riddim EP

Fresh off the presses, newly formed drum n’ bass dancehall label Kulture Klash Records hits the internet sound system […]

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Release: Chili Banks – Astounding Science Fiction LP

“From the far horizons of the unknown come transcribed tales of new dimensions in time and space. These are stories of the future, adventures in which you’ll live in a million could be years on a thousand maybe worlds”. […]

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Release: Radikal Guru – Fire ft Brother Culture / HoT Remix

‘Fire’ one of the anthems from Radikal Guru’s ‘The Rootstepa’ album is finally available on vinyl, backed by Hot’s heavyweight jungle remix and extra digital versions from Alpha Steppa and Bukkha. […]

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