Free LP: Clip & Carbine – D​.​I​.​Y. Dubplates

Clip & Carbine - D.I.Y. Dubplates by Clip & Carbine This is a free music album of brand new C&C dubs. Grab it now for the full on DIY…

Clip & Carbine – Vintage Jungle Roast 2

Due to the tremendous popularity of the first Vintage Jungle Roast, Clip & Carbine sound is proud to present a second volume of oldschool jungle…

Vote: Top 2016 Mixes on & WIN merch

We published 73 jungle mixes in 2016 so far. Here is a selection of the top 20 most viewed mixes in 2016 on (without Junglecast…

Junglecast 11 / 2016 – Clip & Carbine | exclusive podcast

Listen to Junglecast 11 / 2016 - Clip & Carbine on  This is Junglecast number eleven by Clip & Carbine…

Clip & Carbine – Vintage Jungle Roast V.I.P

Reachin' out to all the sensi smokers and fans of vintage jungle

Release: Clip & Carbine – “Get Mash Up” EP

Clip & Carbine (riddim killaz) are at it again with this EP of dancehall rockers and cannoballer b-lines.

Free Release: Clip & Carbine – Original Productions VIP

Bust this one 4 da raregroovers! Compilation of Clip & Carbine original productions, d/l FREE!

Clip & Carbine b2b Xavier – Imperial Riddim Up Roast Session 13

North American NC natives IMPERIAL CREW (DJ XAVIER, Clip & Carbine aka Johnny, and INDICA) team up for a massive podcast

Free Release: Clip & Carbine – Turn Or Burn LP

Dubplate biz. Clip & Carbine Muzak Factory (criminal instinct mixes) delivers 7 tracks of ear choppin jungle.

Riddim Killaz Sound (Clip & Carbine) vs Imperial Sound (Xavier)

Xavier - Imperial Sound - Foundation sound Imperial brings you the original

Clip & Carbine – Killer Instinct V2

Click here for 100% original DIY jungle. C&C bring you cantankerous jungle once again

Clip & Carbine – Killer Instinct Vol. 1

ALL NEW MIX SERIES FROM CLIP & CARBINE. Heady ragga jungle beats, murderer stylee

Clip & Carbine – Criminal Instinct Volume 10

Dark & Dutty Business from the C&C. Original RUDEBWOY style, with dancehall bangers and stab lines.

Criminal Instinct Volume 9

Fresh out of the studio, Criminal Instinct Volume 9- Now with 30% MORE JUNGLE.

100 % Shit – All Shitmat Mixed By Clip & Carbine

This mix is all shitmat, a promo for the Riddim Killaz LP, Clip & Carbines Debut LP on Off Me Nut Records.

Clip & Carbine – Criminal Instinct 8

NYC/Eastcoast Ragga Jungle- strictly underground. Criminal Instinct 8 is a mix of blunted ragga-jungle beats made by the Riddim Killaz.

In the Lab Volume 5 by Clip & Carbine

New mix of jungle beats, In the Lab Volume 5 by Clip & Carbine. Big up fi dis smooth mix!

Clip & Carbine – Criminal Instinct Volume 7

Clip & Carbine, also known as the C&C music factory, is back once again with another scorching mix of all original tracks, Criminal Instinct Volume…

Clip & Carbine – Criminal Instinct Volume 6

Criminal Instinct 6 is all original ragga jungle from Clip & Carbine, the Riddim Killaz. Hailing from Harlem NYC, DJ Clip is the mistress of mashup…