PsychoRadio: ON AIR with the finest in RaggaJungle, Dubwise, D’n’B, DubStep and Reggae

Raggajungle.bizzle add the great Psychoradio into the sidebar of the mainpage. Click the icon to listen directly the stream with your player or click the ticker to go to the Psychoradio-website with more info bout the radiostation. Max. respect to LammMann & crew!

a lil history:
The PsychoRadio stream went online on the 31st of july 2008. Basicly for a bunch of friends from all over Germany to have their favorite RaggaJungle mixtapes available everywhere and everytime. There was no radio playing RaggaJungle and we just can’t live without it.

First thing when we arrive at a party is connecting the laptop to the WIFI, turning on PsychoRadio and plugging it into the stereo. And we always have the fucking best music!

Beginning 2009 HoT recognized PsychoRadio, contacted LammMann in IRC and made us aware that this little webradio is worth to be pushed to a new level.

At first we could convince HoT himself to do some live shows. Thanks to those and his promotion for PsychoRadio, specially in the russian-speaking area (big up to all junglists there!) we soon had 100 slots filled. We’re planning to do more live shows and to spread RaggaJungle cause we fucking love it.

If some DJ wants us to put his tape off the stream. PsychoRadio is strictly non-commercial!

We want to thank our listeners, the DJs, the community, websites like, our hoster for the awesome support and the server and last but not least HoT for bringing us in touch with the DJs and the scene. We love you guys! Maximum respect!

Update 2019: This site is offline.