base (ulan-bator/ and murderbot (dead homies/usa) going to mash up the east massive.
at first bratislava on 2nd february at u-club.together with slovakian selectahz.
second date is in bratislava on 3rd february.
watch out the flyer
flyer ostrava

third date is the 4th february in cross club prague together with technical (acid alliance/cz) and appu (acid alliance/cz)
and at least on the famous “herbal beatz” party series inna gieszerstr. 16 leipzig.

there will play
Live Reggae/Dub Floor:
Noiseshaper (Live!/Dub/UK/Echo Beach) Feat. MC Juggla (Birmingham/UK)
Wareika Soundsystem (Berlin)
R.I.Z.L.A. Sound (DD/LE)
Jungle Floor:
Murderbot (dead homies/nl)
d.i.s. (ruff-e-nuff/chemnitz)
Derrick (ulan-bator)
Base (ulan-bator/r.i.z.l.a.)
MC Jan Haze (ruff-e-nuff/chemnitz).

watch out any of dis kinda parties where ever you`ve been.

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