Junglewars2020 is the fourth online soundclash between all jungle producers. Rules are simple, chune fi chune, dub fi dub. After #junglewar2014, #junglewar2018 and #junglewar2019 we start another musical fight between jungle producers all over the globe #junglewars2020, discussion thread on Facebook here.

This is D.I.S’ entry answering to Sentient Origin & Annias, calling B-Man, Brian Brainstorm & Veak.

Junglewars2020 is a JUNGLE soundclash where producers make jungle tunes as a challenge to other producers.

Make a clash tune and when you post it on soundcloud include the name of 3 or so producers that you are challenging in the clash. In addition, if your tune is a response to another person’s challenge, include the name of the person you are responding to.

When you post your tune on soundcloud… your track name should look like this: TRACK NAME (response to _A*_ / send fi _B_, _C_, _D_)

*remember A, is optional, you do not need to be called out to join our clash!

Also, label your tune #JUNGLEWARS2020 so we can find it and add it to our clash playlist here.



junglewars clothes

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