1. I so glad to hear that Jungle is still alive past the 90s! Sounds great!! Amen for ever!!

  2. Absolute banger of an idea! And good to see so many contributions to the #junglewar… Hopefully there will be plenty more Fire to listen too :)

    p.s. Any chance of a remix of Voodoo People by Prodigy??? Track has always deserved a jungle rinse in my opinion :)

    Respect to all Junglists from the land Down Under

  3. I realize that getting all artist permission would be impossible and its already 12&half but somebody has got to collect into one file/mix/whatever for history sake.
    Great Jungle War of 2014!!
    Soundtrack as I pack for a trip back to my northern (cold) jungle home.
    No peace! More Blood! More Fire! Bring the ruckus!

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