EP: Bman – Nuh Run Dun Man

New free download release by Bman | Monkey Business - 4 track EP!

Release: Jungle Wars: Episode III – Revenge Of The Bass

Brand new Deep in the Jungle Release - six tunes by Kumarachi & Sl8r, Hybrid, Euphonique & Kelvin 373, Veak, Epicentre and Duburban.

Release: Simply Dread – Trek 1, 2

UK Jungle Presents: Simply Dread - Trek 1, 2 by Simply Dread Here is a UK Jungle Records Release by Simply Dread with five new jungle tracks.

EP: Monkey Business – More Fire 004

More Fire 004 (Boom Sound ep) by Monkey Business Here is the fourth More Fire vinyl EP with tunes by Tony Jungle & Tropmanga, Bman, Pygmalion and…

Free 420 Release: D.I.S – Funky Skank

420 ... is a code-term in cannabis culture that refers to the consumption of cannabis ... in celebration on the date April 20 ...

LP: Rupture – The Fifth Column

An interesting jungle album with very different jungle styles: oldskool jungle vibes, nuskool flava, deep and dark jungle and 140. This is a huge…

EP: Galvatron – Never Enough

Yorkshire's Galvatron returns to DJ Hybrid's Deep In The Jungle with his most generous EP in a long time.

LP Release: The Sound of Nuusic Vol. 1

Record Label Nuusic release a great jungle album with thirteen jungle/dubwise tunes by Hyphen, Erbman, Aries & Kelvin 373, Epicentre, Jinx and so…

LP-Release: Aries – Jungle Style (Born On Road)

It’s 2018 and judging by the surge of interest worldwide, it could also be the year of Jungle music.

UK Jungle Presents: UK Jungle 001 ’12” Vinyl Release’

Previews for the debut 12" release from UK Jungle Records with tracks by Supa Ape, Omen Breaks, Junglord and OmniRhythm!

Release: FLeCK & J-Man / Aries & Jacky Murda – Roots 008

Authentic jungle business: Roots spark up a fat 2018 with these two bubblesome skankers.

Release: Future Jungle Music Compilation 3

In this compilation we can listen to eleven future jungle tunes by different producers like 6Blocc, MOZ, BR, FeyDer, Jahoora ...

Release: Monkey Business And Friends 2

16 new jungle tunes by Monkey Business and friends - tracks by Bman, Els in Wonderland, Sensimo, Tony Jungle, Duburban Poison, Sariuo ...

LP: 6Blocc – Stateside Junglism Vol. 1

Stateside Junglism Volume 1 by 6Blocc Ending off the year with a bang! This 27-track compilation showcases the current state of jungle / dnb music in…

Release: UK Jungle Vol. 3

After UK Jungle Vol. 2, sixteen months later Volume three is comin into your ears with 11 massive jungle banger and tunes by Omen Breaks, Riffz,…

LP: dokidoki Jungle

dokidoki Jungle by .rave Ennnn from japan launched a new label and released this album which contains many high-quality raggajungle and rave sounds.

LP: Jungle Wars – Attack of the Breaks

Hybrid's Deep In The Jungle crew dust off their best breaks for a second bout in their authentic roller battle.

Album & Mix: Jungle Resistance

All Junglists! Tune into the sounds of a worldwide collective voicing resistance to intolerance, injustice, and ignorance with invigorating beats,…

LP: Da Deacon – Ya Bad! Amen Brother!

Da Deacon - Ya Bad! Amen Brother! by Minos Battery Recordings Da Deacon is coming from the underground, making jungle rinse outs with an IDM flair…

Releases: Deep In The Jungle Remixes – Various Artists

20 bass shaking remixes by well known jungle producers like L.A.B., Hybrid, Cautious, RMS, Brian Brainstorm, Soundshifter...

Vinyl Release: Satta Sounds SS007

Satta Sounds releases a three track EP on vinyl with soo lovely jungle tunes by HoT, Pastaman and Supa Ape.

Releases: Monkey Business And Friends

Monkey Business And Friends by Monkey Business Monkey Business from belgium found a bunch of well known producers for a great jungle tunes collection…

16 Freebies: Bong-Ra – Hell Of A Ride + Fiyah!

Fiyah! by Bong-Ra Hell Of A Ride! by Bong-Ra The last EP 'Fiyah!' AND the farewell 'Hell Of A Ride' fan picked compilation are still available as…

Free EP: Bman – Champion Man

Two free jungle tunes by Bman - Champion Man and Vigilante - Monkey Business!

Remix Album: 6Blocc – BIG in the Jungle

"BIG" IN THE JUNGLE by 6Blocc After remixing and releasing the Dub Marley album, the PortisDub album, Boyz N the Jungle and the Jungle II…

EP: Marvin Blue – Centuries Of Time

The concept for this project has been to take on influences from world music, specifically inspired by some of the world's largest rainforests.

EP: Kartoon – Inna Jungle

Friendly amen fire with a 6 track EP by Kartoon.

EP: Chopstick Dubplate – Black Cinderella ft. Errol Dunkley

Five old friends meet at their former commander’s funeral. It’s been many years since the war.