Label: Re-Lick Records

Re-Lick Records is now live and will be bringing out the first vinyl with a bang!

Label: Dub Chamber Records

Dub Chamber Records from LA is a label for Jungle, Ragga, 140 Jungle and DNB, leading by SixFootUnda.

Label: South Yard

South Yard from spain is a record label coming up from the need of link ideas and passions to work together in harmony and unity. A community, a…

Label: Sound so Fierce Records

Sound so Fierce Records is a Ltd Edition Vinyl & Digital Jungle/D&B/Bass/Hiphop label focusing on releasing the highest quality music and art from…

Label: Long Live The Animals

LONG LIVE THE ANIMALS is a label and soundsystem set up to corrupt the youth and help bring an end to the human race, giving rise to the new era of…

Label: Born On Road

Born on Road is an eclectic label focused on exploring musical boundaries across various genres including Dancehall, Bashment, Reggae, Hip Hop &…

Label: UK Export Records

After running Kent's biggest DnB night since 1998 Spinout and Dice decided to have a well earned rest from arena allnighters and sold Breakology late…

Label: Sub-Woofah Records

Uniting old school Jungle with modern day Drum & Bass - Sub-Woofah was launched in 2009 in Manchester - hosting a number of Drum and Bass and Jungle…

Label: RIQ Yardrock Records

RIQ was formed back in 2008 from two of jungles foundation labels: I.Q Records and Runninz Records, we have bought them together to bring you RIQ…

Label: MoshUp Records

Dedicated to bringing purely mosh pit instigating tunage tearin thru every realm of jungalism leaving a seeping guttural trail of blood, sweat, and…

Label: Rawkus Noise Records

Rawkus Noise Records is going to showcase a wide selection of Underground music, spanning many tempos and styes. With each release roughly the same…

Label: Brukout Recordings

Artists: Brukout Foundation, Dope Ammo, Marvellous Cain, Shaddy MC, Dj Tricky, Johne Bravo

Label: Break Koast Records

label: Chop’em Down Sound

Chop'em Down Sound - A label started in 2007 and since then only putting out- "Pure Mash Up Ragga Jungle"

Label: Green Bay Wax

Green Bay Wax is a brand new label/collective uncompromisingly putting out exclusively 90s style Jungle & Ragga Jungle.

Label: LionDub International

liondub international music nyc | toronto | london | kingston genre: drum & bass, reggae, jungle, dubstep, dub

Label: Dubwise Station

Dubwise Station Recording is all about Reggae influenced bass music.

Label: Beat Lab Recordz

Beat Lab is a Ragga Jungle label setup by two jungle heads Spearian and Master Editor from london, UK. Est. 2009.

Label: Kings Connect Recordings


Label: BadDog Jungle

Currently inactive label with nice releases! Check BadDog Jungle here.

Label: Killa Records

DJ K is a Newschool Jungle DJ & Producer from Ottawa Canada. He has been prolific in the jungle / drum & bass scene since 1999 starting in…

Label: Outerbound Recordings

Outerbound started because at the time (7 years ago) new skool ragga jungle was not readily available and heavily under represented in europe. We…

Label: Dubnest Recordings

Dubnest Recordings is a record label outta barcelona/spain.

Label: Unjustified Records

Unjustified records is an outlet of music from the established multi genre event UNJUST and was started with the sole purpose of releasing great…

Label: Top Drawer Digital

J Tek / New Skool Jungle Techno is a new style of music taking its ethos from the original Jungle Techno from around 1992-94, but speeding up the…

Label: Run Tingz Recordings

Established in 2010 by G.Tactix and LXP, Run Tingz Recordings is a UK based record label and artist collective that showcases and represents a…

Label: Satta Sounds

Satta Sounds is a raggajungle record label outta UK founded in 2008. Raw Jungle & Raggajungle influenced rom the UK sound system culture.…

Label: Mashed Youths Records

Fresh ragga-jungle label from Russia. Established January 29, 2010.