DJ K for Solid Sound FM pt. 2

What's better than a DJ K guest mix? Two guest mixes.

Bass In Ya Face – Majestic – No Pussyclot

79 minutes of bangin jungle music by long time friend Majestic from the netherlands.

Rainboh – Live in LA Vol. 4 (Vinyl DnB Classics)

Here is number 4 of Rainboh's "Live in Los Angeles" mix series, this time with a classics DNB vinyl mix, 76 minutes full of breaks, recorded on 28th…

DJ K for Solid Sound FM

You've got a 30 minute prime cut of DJ K's own work, sizzling on the BBQ with a taste of everything from Drum & Bass and Jungle styles. Aged over 15…

Junglecast 36 / 2019 – DJ Cautious | exclusive podcast

Listen to Junglecast 36 / 2019 - DJ Cautious on hearthis.atHere comes the summer edition of our Junglecast guest mix series:…

Law – Repertoire Excursion 37

Very interesting 2 hours jungle/dnb mix by Law for label Repertoire outta UK with some really deep tunes inside.

Rainboh – Live in LA Vol. 3

Rainboh is back with volume three of her "Live in Los Angeles" series, a bangin one hour and 28 tracks jungle/dnb mix recorded on 20th april 2019,…

8 free jungle tracks by DJ Embryo

DJ Embryo send me a nice ganja collection of his raggajungle- / dubwise-tunes and remixes. Eight tunes you can download for free on his Soundcloud…

Junglecast 35 / 2019 – Mr. Kingston | exclusive podcast

Listen to Junglecast 35 / 2019 - Mr. Kingston on hearthis.atThis is Junglecast number #35 - the june edition - with the russian…

Reelup – Wicked Roots Mix 3

Listen to Wicked Roots Mix #3 byDJ Reelup on hearthis.atThis is a typical raggajungle mix with original reggae tunes by Peter Tosh, Barrington…

Embryo – Strictly Ragga Jungle Radio Live 8

Listen to DJ Embryo - Strictly Ragga Jungle Radio Live 8 byDJ Embryo on hearthis.atThe 1st half of the mix (25 tracks) is some classic ragga…

NJOI – Feel This Jungle 4

This is a promo mix for a party in kiev in april 2019 by NJOI. It is a short 26 minutes jungle mix including 15 jungle tracks.

Free EP: Monkey Business – Junglewars 2019

Junglewars 2019 ep by Els In Wonderland, Sensimo, Bman This is a free Monkey Business release with tracks by Els in Wonderland, Bman & Sensimo.

Tommy Badman – All Guerilla Bass Records

Coming straight out of Amsterdam, the label Guerilla Bass Records is owned by MAC-V.

Bman – Fiya Mixtape 16

Bman sent me his new Fiya Mixtape number sixteen - strictly raggajungle fire!

Junglecast 34 / 2019 – Evade | exclusive podcast

Listen to Junglecast 34 / 2019 - Evade on hearthis.atJunglecast #34 representin Evade from UK with 22 heavy jungle tunes. Evade…

Vinyl Junkie – Everyday Junglist Podcast 348

Episode 348 of the Everyday Junglist Podcast brings us a mix from Ghetto Dub, boss man, Vinyl Junkie

Aphrodite – Urban Jungle (1999)

This is a Jungle-/DNB-/HipHop-mix by the legendary DJ Aphrodite for Priority Records mixed in 1999 in LA.

Rainboh – Degree Of Difficulty 4

This is a 70 minutes dnb/jungle mix by Rainboh from LA with a very interesting tracklist and 29 all vinyl tracks.

Junglecast 33 / 2019 – Bandai Zuki & Xenovictus | exclusive podcast

Listen to Junglecast 33 / 2019 - Bandai Zuki & Xenovictus on hearthis.atJunglecast #33 is our first jungle podcast in 2019…

Tim Reaper – Everyday Junglist Podcast 346

Tim Reaper's mix starts off, placid and serene, then it drops into some crisp amens, lush tunes with wicked, chopped breaks, and hardcore esque…

Al Dente – Vibes’ Stroke 13 lgs. MC Stagerocka

This is a 2 hours recording of the 13th Vibes' Stroke radioshow longside MC Stagerocka.

Tim Reaper – BTTO Radio Live

A great one hour oldskool jungle mix by Tim Reaper.

Embryo – eVibes Live 3

Listen to DJ Embryo - eVibes Live 3 byDJ Embryo on hearthis.atThis is a raggajungle live set from This set is…

D.I.S – Sekkle&Cease Guest Mix 8

D.I.S is gettin stronger in 2019 again. Here is his jungle guest mix for Sekkle&Cease/US - a one hour wicked jugglin mix with tunes by Aries,… Exxxclusive Mix 4 OneLoveRadio Cologne 2019

Listen to Exxxclusive Mix 4 OneLoveRadio Cologne 2019 on hearthis.atThis is an exclusive raggajungle mix by…

[2006] Kola Nut – Jungle Hustle

Fourth jungle mix from Kola Nut recorded way back in November 2006.

Kola Nut – One Size Fits All (Roni Size Mix)

The third installment of Kola Nut's all Bristol series. All Roni Size solo jams.