Bludclot Recordings is back up and running and fully accessible at its new/old location and will remain as such for quite some time without worry of falling offline or having our hosting pulled out from underneat us, thanks to both a generous contributor and my own hard work. Now operating as a direct sister project to the hugely popular Grindthieves blog, we are just piggybacking off that server as we originally started. Considering the concerted effort to tie it in with Grindthieves, in an effort to retain its location and availability, you can expect a bit more of a diverse selection of material from the label than we originally started off heralding. That said, Bludclot will be, as it has been from day one, focused on the “dub mentality” and its application and relation to all sorts of music.

We hope you haven’t lost faith and that those we’ve worked before will work with us once more and that those who we’ve never worked with will consider working with us in the future.

The Artbreaker, Bludclot Recordings

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