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Free Tunes by Tester / Trilogy Sound

Free Tunes by Tester / Trilogy Sound

Tester decided to upload his entire discography and a massive amount of unreleased tracks from over the years.

new TrilogySound – Mix: TESTER – Dangerous

new TrilogySound - Mix: TESTER - Dangerous

CD sold out….so this mix is now available full length mpFREE. 192k MP3. Tester’s first CD in three years. Featuring a massive arsenal of reggae dubplates and his unique style of ragga jungle. Tracklisting


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about Hazeus/Trilogy Sound

Style: the roughest of rough to the best blend of classics and old school with plenty of scratching in between Start: 1992 outta: usa website: crew: Trilogy Sound About: Hazeus was born in Germany, raised in NYC and Atlanta, He is considered a pioneer of jungle and drum n bass in the south. As [...]

about Sinista/Trilogy Sound

Style: Jungle, Reggae – MCing outta: usa website: crew: Trilogy Sound About: MORE FIRE – Born in the Concrete Jungle AKA New York City to West Indian parents, this Guyanese bad boy’s love for music probably started at conception. From that point on he felt the vibrations of his parent’s roots reggae stretching out [...]

about Tester/Trilogy Sound

about Tester/Trilogy Sound

Style: hard hitting deep bass, mashed up amen breaks and drum n bass styles along with strong culture and soundboy killin’ vocals Start: 1998 outta: Atlanta, GA website: downloads: Link crew: Trilogy Sound About: Tester AKA Soundboy Assassinator, created Trilogy Sound alongside Sinista and the legendary Hazeus. Running the jungle Sound following the format [...]

about Trilogy Sound

Styles: Ragga-Jungle outta: atlanta/usa website: about: Trilogy Sound is a ragga jungle / reggae Sound based in Atlanta, GA. Tester, aka Scott Garnett, is as known in the ragga jungle genre as the amen break. He’s been on the front lines since the foundation days and his one ton dubbox reflects just that. Tester’s [...]