Free Tunes by Tester / Trilogy Sound

Tester decided to upload his entire discography and a massive amount of unreleased tracks from over the years. […]

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Tester – In A Dubwise Stylee

New Dubwize mix from one of the biggest in the game, Tester. […]

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Killa Podcast 46 – discussion edition with Tester

part one with Tester:
This Spring I stopped in my home country Canada […]

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New Release: It’s a Junglist Ting

It may be positively freezing outside, but the Run Tingz Cru are here to smash away those winter blues with this […]

Tester n Debaser – Trilogy Sound Tour 2009

Tester of Trilogy Sound will once again be traveling abroad to bring his unique blend of reggae, ragga jungle and drum n bass to the masses. This is a limited availability tour. Tour dates are available November 12th – 29th only. Book quick to ensure availability. […]

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Tester – Live on Faderwars ( 8/23/08

Tester – Live on Faderwars ( 8/23/08

01. Dj Khaled feat. Akon, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne – Out Here Grinding (Tester Remix)
02. Tester – Careful of Your Enemies
03. Tester – Rise
04. Tester – Like Mountains
05. Tester – Rise Mi Gun Fingas
06. Tester – You Don’t Care
07. Tester – Think Before You Talk 2008
08. Tester feat. Highah Seekah – Soundboy Gone Gone
09. Tester – Bad Boy Music
10. Tester – If A War
11. Tester – Love Is All
12. Tester – Come On
13. Future Prophecies – Dreadlock (Tester Remix)
14. Tester – Stay No […]

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[Ragga Jungle Video] DJ Khaled ft. VA – Out Here Grinding [Tester Remix] presentz the great remix “Out Here Grinding” by Tester cutted by Mashup with the original video.


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new TrilogySound – Mix: TESTER – Dangerous

CD sold out….so this mix is now available full length mpFREE. 192k MP3.

Tester’s first CD in three years. Featuring a massive arsenal of reggae dubplates and his unique style of ragga jungle.


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Tester & Debaser / Souljah Sessions Radio / 06-21-08

This week guests need no introduction, ragga-jungle superstars TESTER & DEBASER
download the archived show EPISODE 301 –Show 06-21-08



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[Livevideo] Tester / Debaser inna dresden again!


thx BigA 4 the vid!

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Tester & Krinjah LIVE in Brussels


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video: tester & krinjah inna germoney with D.I.S …


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Respeck Trilogy Sound everytime!


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about Tester/Trilogy Sound

Style: hard hitting deep bass, mashed up amen breaks and drum n bass styles along with strong culture and soundboy killin’ vocals
Start: 1998
outta: Atlanta, GA
downloads: Link
crew: Trilogy Sound

Tester AKA Soundboy Assassinator, created Trilogy Sound alongside Sinista and the legendary Hazeus. Running the jungle Sound following the format of a reggae soundstation, Tester offers exclusive all dubplate sets featuring top notch VIP remixes and dubplate specials voiced exclusively for Trilogy Sound from artists from all over the world including NYC, Atlanta, Miami, UK, Canada, Switzerland and Jamaica.

Tester […]

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