RUFF E NUFF-Session – D.I.S & Motorv8a – June 2015

YoYo – we are still on air every second tuesday on PSYCHORADIO. D.I.S and Motorv8a recorded our latest RUFF E NUFF Sessions in june 2k15. If you love deep Dubstep and Ragga Jungle this is your mix. NJOY! […]

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Freestyle Sessions Presents Jungle Knights v.09

What a quality session, if you missed the live ting ,its all good as here’s the mixes for listening/downloading. […]

Live Recordings From Jungletrip 3.0 (Alte Kaffeerosterei Plauen)

Here’s the recording’s from Junglrtrip 3.0 ,This event was broadcasted live at psychoradio so if you missed it here they are! […]

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Psychoradio Shows From The Past Few Weeks

shows include ninjah fareye’s hard skankin with guest dj ghaleon, ruff e nuff, the buckdown, default, kyng of thievez […]

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Freestyle Sessions Presents Jungle Knights v.08

Blimey…you lucky lot of junglists!
Jungle Knights is back this month for another onslaught of jungle goodness. […]

Latest Psychoradio Shows

Quite a few here to get your lug holes round! Including D.I.S , Default , Ninjah Fareye and much more […]

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HoT’s latest edition of the MURDA SOUND live show @psychoradio. […]

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Freestyle Sessions presents Jungle Knights v.07

well its been a little while since the last jungle knight’s and now were back for the 1st 1 of the year! […]

Latest Live Shows @ Psychoradio

Listen/Download the latest shows from D.I.S/Motorv8a/Ninjah Fareye/The Archangel/Talixen […]

Ninjah Fareye – Hard Skankin Vol 2 (live

Here’s the 2nd instalment of “Hard Skankin” hosted by Ninjah Fareye […]

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Freestyle Sessions Presents Jungle Knights v05

its almost that time again for the all day/night jungle rinse out […]

Hard Skankin Hosted By Ninjah Fareye

This is the 1st instalment of ninjah fareye’s monthly show live @psychoradio 2nd saturday of every month. […]

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Freestyle Sessions Presents Jungle Knights v.04

well here we are with the 4th installment of jungle knights! […]

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Freestyle Sessions presents “JUNGLE KNIGHTS 2″

On the 31st we had the hottest names in the jungle scene takin over […]

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Freestyle sessions presents “Jungle Knights”

On the 25th we had some of hottest names in the jungle scene takin over […]

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Psychoradio – Ruff-E-Nuff Session D.I.S And Motorv8a 2012-01-31

Download and listen to the Ruff-E-Nuff session […]

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Live: latest liveshows @psychoradio

listen and download the latest liveshows from HoT, ruff-e-nuff, default and Tropmanga […]

Live: Default – psycho freestyle sessions v.17 16th december 2011

Number 17 of defaults Freestyle Sessions. […]

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Live: ruff-e-nuff session 13th dec 2011

Once again Motorv8a and D.I.S on air with their bi-weekly ruff-e-nuff session. […]

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Default – psycho freestyle sessions v.15 & 16

This is number 15 and 16 of these wicked liveshows. […]

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Live: Ruff-e-Nuff Session 23rd nov 2011

D.I.S and Motorv8a are back with a new Ruff-E-Nuff Session on Psychoradio. […]

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Live: Kladblad Sound with Tropmanga

The Bi-Weekly Kadblad Sound with Tropmanga is back @ psychoradio! […]

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Live: Ruff E Nuff-Session Oct 2011

The legendary Ruff E Nuff Live Session @ Psychoradio with D.I.S and Motorv8a […]

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LIVE! RUFF E NUFF Session @ Psychoradio – Tune In And CHAT With Us Now!

Tune in and chat with us. NOW! […]

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Ruff E Nuff – Session on PsychoRadio 11.10.11

Motorv8a and D.I.S with anotha Psychoradio live session last tuesday. one hour dubstep, one hour raggajungle. […]

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Ruff-E-Nuff Sessions 2011-09-27 with D.I.S & Motorv8a

Once again D.I.S and Motorv8a dropped a Ruff-E-Nuff Session […]

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Ruff E Nuff-Sessions @Psychoradio

Every second week Ruff E Nuff is kicking off two hours of live session for all dub-heads and junglists […]

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