DJ K – Killa Podcast 105

This is a bonus mix – he felt a little guilty for not putting much jungle in last week’s podcast, so here’s an all-jungle edition!Read more

DJ K – Killa Podcast 104

Over one hour of moody dnb/jungle ranging from epic to minimal.Read more

DJ K – Killa Podcast 102

Here is podcast number 102 by DJ K with 18 topatop (for sure!) jungle tunes and remixes inna 45 minutes.Read more

DJ K – Killa Podcast 101

Lots of advance tunes here and just over an hour of the latest epic jungle sounds. Tracklist: 1. Intro live at Beats 4 Love 2. Johnny Osbourne...

DJ K – Killa Podcast 100

DJ K: “10 years, 100 mixes, so many emotions and amazing shows along the way. Take a wonderful trip down memory lane with me, as I revisit...

DJ K – Killa Podcast 97

A full hour of Spring-fresh new releases from dnb to jungle to atmospheric.Read more

DJ K – Killa Podcast 96

From straight-up dancefloor numbers to minimal dark.Read more

DJ K – Killa Podcast 95

DJ K is back with anotha killa podcast, this time with 34 minutes of dubwize, dnb and jungle.Read more

DJ K – Killa Podcast 91

Forthcoming releases and exclusive dubs, strictly jungle selected by DJ K!Read more

DJ K – Killa Podcast 86

A few interesting finds in here, some exclusives (thank you Shaka Itchi, Saint Kuz, Feyder and Jahoora), something new from the one and only Krinjah,...


All entries you can find here:

DJ K – Killa Podcast 69

All new tunes, extra-heavy edition by DJ K.Read more

DJ K – Killa Podcast 68

Here is the number 68 of the Killarecords Podcast by DJ K outta Leipzig/germany. Boom!Read more

DJ K – Killa Podcast 53 – 55

Just download and listen to the latest podcasts by DJ K. All Killa podcasts you can find more

DJ K – Killa Podcast V.51

Jungle Producers Spotlight: Belgium & Holland w/ MONKEYBUSINESS BMAN & 2TIMES + interviews with MAYSR & LIONDUBRead more

DJ K – Killa Podcast 44

DJ K – Killa Podcast V.44 – atmospheric, ragga jungle, hardcore, drumstepRead more

Killa Podcast 46 – discussion edition with Tester

part one with Tester: This Spring I stopped in my home country CanadaRead more

DJ K – December 2011 live MINI MIXES & Killa Podcast V.41

Killa Podcast Discussion episode 6, this time with STEPKILLAHRead more

DJ K – Killa Podcast 40 /discussion

I had been meaning to catch up with the man behind Dub Chamber since starting the discussion podcastsRead more

DJ K – Killa Podcast 38 (discussion)

DJ K: In the Killa Podcast Discussion episode 4, I catch up backstage with oldschool legend Bizzy BRead more

DJ K – Killa Podcast 37

A mixed bag of high-octane Remixes, Dubwise, Ragga Jungle, Drumstep, Hip Hop, Party Jams, Hardcore Mash-up & Emo Breakcore.Read more

DJ K – Killa Podcast 36

For the third discussion edition of the Killa Podcast, here is a shorter-format with guest Doctah JahngleRead more

DJ K – Killa Podcast 35

Tune into the second episode discussion edition Killa Podcast.Read more

DJ K – Killa Podcast 34

“Tune in to the very first spoken word Killa Podcast. I sat down on an Austrian Spring morning with Amadeus (NYC)Read more

DJ K – Killa Podcast 33

Feature mix for Beat Supreme on Radio Soundportal, Graz Austria (May 4th 2011).Read more

DJ K – Killa Podcast 32

DJ K: So why CAN’T jungle, drum & bass, dubwize, jump-up, drumstep, gangsta hip-hop, tech step and liquid all exist in peace and harmony in...

DJ K – Killa Podcast 31

This little recent sampler has a bit of everything that inspires me at a live show: energetic massive, conscious emcee, hits to dubsRead more

DJ K – Killa Podcast 30

With all the cutting and digital editing I’m up to these days it’s nice to just hit the decks and do some blending and melody mixingRead more

DJ K – Killa Podcast V.28

Just a few more mid-Summer tunes in the mix. Good vibes alongside Rough tracks, from jungle to drumstep and back.Read more

DJ K – Killa Podcast 27

Just a little dose of Jungle & more to keep you company during your first Summer days…Read more

DJ K – Killa Podcast 26 (dancefloor Jungle > Drum & Bass)

A fresh spring mix 4 teh dancefloor by DJ K. check the new! website KillaRecordsDotComRead more

DJ K – Killa Podcast 25: Live in North America

Spliced & chopped highlight bits taken from the live recordings of Mighty Melody & DJ K across NA, Feb 26 to Mar 19.Read more

DJ K – Killa Podcast 22: reggae. dubwize. jungle.

It’s a new season and there are plenty of sweet vocal tracks out there to keep you humming along to jungle through the chilly, rainy (even snowy!)...

DJ K – Killa Podcast 21 – Live in Russia + Videos

Yeahh, DJ K is back with number 21, a special podcast dedicated to all the russian junglists, live outta russia with heavyweight jungle &...

DJ K – Killa Podcast 20

[audio:] Recorded live on a different mixer and soundsystem than before straight to my...

Killa Podcast 18: DJ K live @ Konkrete Jungle Ottawa launch

Some highlights of my set from this weekend at the Konkrete Jungle launch party in my hometown Ottawa, featuring Big Triggs & Caesar. Bigup Mz...