Junglefever meets Bong Selecta – Da Best Herbs Of Jungle Vol. 4

Back with the finest in newskool ragga jungle released on vinyl, here’s volume 4 of our Best Herbs Of Jungle series. […]

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Junglefever meets Bong Selecta- Da Best Herbs Of Jungle Vol 3

Here’s the third volume of our Best Herbs series. Once again carefully selected badman tunage for you to enjoy! Light up a fatty & brock the f*ck out! […]

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Release: Bomba Cut 01/ Death$ucker 035

Two of Europe’s finest junglists Junglefever (Amen Warfare/ Lickshot Recordings) and Stivs (Life4Land) combine forces to launch their new label Bomba Cut Recordings […]

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Junglefever meets Bong Selecta – Another History Lesson In Oldschool Jungle

Here’s a second lesson in oldschool jungle. Like the first one, I had no idea what to expect. […]

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Junglefever meets Bong Selecta-Da Best Herbs Of Jungle Vol.2

The second in our series of Best Herbs of Jungle…
Keep it real, Keep it vinyl, and Keep ur eyes open for forthcoming Lickshot releases […]

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DJ K – Killa Podcast 24 – STRICTLY JUNGLE!

Back with the First Podcast for Twenty-Ten… after closing-out 2009 with a dnb special, its naughty sibling Jungle is back with a vengeance, and all the amens you can handle. No tech, only big tunes! […]

about JungleFever

crews: VRS/ Amen Warfare/ Lickshot/ Toxemia/ Bludclot/ Bomba Cut
style: Dark Dnb/ Jungle/ Ragga Jungle/ Raggacore/ Mash Up
outta: The Hague, Netherlands
started: 2001
birthday: 2nd March 1979
contact: junglefever070@gmail.com
website: www.junglefever.eu
download-links: soundcloud.com/junglefever

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