Jungle Lion Sound – Lion Sessions – fully loaded

4 great mixes – 2k6, 2k7, 2k8 and 2k9!
Listen to all these fine selections by Jungle Lion Sound – D.I.S and Base outta germany! […]

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alllrite…here it is another part of the jungle lion sessions ….
a bit new, a bit old, a bit anything heheh …hope yuh´ll like …. travel can start now :)

tracklist: […]

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Jungle lion Sound Mix pt.2

after the success of our first promomix from last year “lion session pt.1″ here we come back wid a new one …we also are glad to have the mighty mystic dan on board fi hosting this!!!!

as always we have a bunch unreleased tracks from nuff artists…
so big up to DMD;Mainframe;Cocojammin; Direct Feed;Oragnic Sound;Drumatic….
yuh laaarge!!!!!
hope yuh like ….

01.dmd – the weed(unreleased)
02.mainframe – final round(unreleased)
03.mainframe – taps(unreleased)
04.coco jammin – R.I.P (rmx)(unreleased)
05.twinhooker – too corrupt
06.twinhooker – turn to the east
07.paulie walnuts – plead my cause
06.drumatic – scientist(unreleased)
07.flare – solid as a rock
08.direct feed […]

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jungle-lion-sound – lion sessions pt.1

this is our first b2b mix, arranged & mixed by Base & D.I.S on two 1210s, a cdj 1000 & a bottle of 7 years old cuba rum…
hope youll like it :)

01.warrior king – ruff road
02.luciano/capleton – jah kingdom
03.tenor fly – rudeboy talk
04.terry genzie – junglist outlaw
05.jacky murdah – washroom rock (unreleased)
06.kgb kid – bawling 4 soundclash
07.Mu-zik ease up VIP
08.criminal sound – baby rmx (unreleased)
09.kgb kid – sublime lion
10.leviticus & jr. tucker – warning
11.kingz of the jungle – wicked
12.soundmurderer & sk1 – lock it off
13.psychofreud – gunman (unreleased)
14.dj k -respect
15.krinjah […]

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about Base – Jungle Lion Sound

Outta: Leipzig
Start: 1995
Crew: Ulan Bator Crew
Style: He playes OldSkool,Jungle,Ragga Jungle and DrumnBass.But you can not be certain,because he plays also in his sets some Hip Hop,Dub or Reggae.All in All he playes music with the right vibe in the right time.
Email: Mail
Websites: www.ulan-bator.de | www.nasdia.de | www.junglex.ca

Background:In the late 80’s Base got into Hip Hop because his brother listened to it every day.
After that he came in touch with Jungle,D’n’B and other kinds of music thru the shows @ Blackboard Jungle (Radio Fritz/Germany) and “One in the Jungle” (BBC […]

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